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“The Cost of Victory”


4 Small Stars
The Cost of Victory

Wow! These are great books! If you like space battles and tactics then you’ve got to read these books. This one starts out with a pretty interesting space naval battle led by an Admiral in the Alliance Navy who is already a hero and ready to prove his extreme abilities once again. Unfortunately, he becomes a target of the enemy and they will try whatever it takes to get him eliminated. And, not only is this Admiral targeted but his Marine counterpart is also on the assassination list. Our previous hero, Col Eric Kane hasn’t quite drawn enough attention to himself so he’s not on the list yet. And that is a big mistake.

Of couse, if the Alliance Navy and Marines were only fighting the enemy, then they would have an easy time of it. But, it appears they now have to fight against some weird and threatening actions of their own Alliance Intelligence Agency. Good intelligence can win a battle even against extreme odds; bad intelligence can get a lot of people killed quickly; and the wrong intel can get an entire Marine Division wiped out! That’s the goal of our own Alliance Intelligence Agency. They want our Marines to be under their control and the best way to get that done is to eliminiate the two toughest Marines, Gen Holm and Col. Kane. You’ll need to read the book to find out who survives and what is this secret the Alliance is willing to loose their best people in order to keep secret.

A very good read. I just hate the fact that I seem to read these books very fast. Please keep them coming.

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