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“The Fall”


5 Small Stars
The Fall

Cain gone wild!  Yeah, that’s not much different than his normal mode of operation!  Yet, in this book he has shed his Marine Corps colors and rank and is off on a vendetta to kill Gavin Stark!  Aided by a few fellow ex-Marines and a Navy Captain commanding a small scout vessel, Cain initially tries to figure out where Stark actually is right now.

Back on Columbia, Gen. Gilson is now in charge of the fighting and is trying to make a stand against the Shadow Legion.  Then she meets up with Gen. Taylor of the Columbia Resistance and finds out he has 1500 more troops to throw into the fight.  He is also the acting Chief Executive of what’s left of Columbia and authorizes Gilson to use atomics on his planet.  He figures it can’t be any worse than it is since he’s already released atomics on his own capital city in order to drive the Shadow Legion out of that region.

So with the fleet orbiting above and capable of dropping unimaginable amounts of ordinance on the Shadow Legion, that battle is about to be done.  Yet, Starks hidden operatives start showing up on Earth driving the SuperPowers to the brink of total all out nuclear war.  Starks plan is to release his 300,000 person Shadow Legion upon the devastated Earth once everything is destroyed.  That doesn’t really make sense.  Who wants to govern over a burned out hulk of a planet?

Anyway, Stark has a plan to attack Mars.  He realizes that Mars will always be a source of resupply and arms for Garrett’s fleet so he has to take it out.  Unfortunately for the good guys, Stark has several stealth ships that are undetectable by normal space sensors.  Can he get close enough to Mars to cause it problems?  Remember, Mars citizens live under domes.

And how can Cain find Stark if Stark is flying around in a stealth starship.  Space is a huge place and it doesn’t take much to hide.  But, you can bet that Cain isn’t going to fail in this last mission!  How he brings his career to an end is for you to read about.

This, as were the other books in this series, well written.  Probably one of the best endings to a series I have read.  Most of the immediate loose ends were nicely tied up but there is still enough left to branch off into other series which Mr. Allan has already began producing.

I look forward to reading any future books by this author.  He is good and the stories just keep coming!

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