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“The Ten Thousand”


4 Small Stars
The Ten Thousand

Great Continuing Story Line – Little Bit Annoying!

General Jake Taylor has brought his army of once loyal Earth troops through the Juno portal to fight yet again. While he prefers to try and talk his new enemy in to changing sides, they are now reinforced by the UNGov Black Corps and an Inquisitor. These guys are Supersoldiers just like most of Taylor’s men and are even surgically altered to be enabled to follow General Taylor’s pleading. The Inquisitor is also killing any UNGov soldiers that act like they want to defect. Therefore Gen Taylor realizes that he will have to kill them all although they outnumber his troops 10 – 1!

The Tegri want to help Taylor but can’t do it overtly or no one will believe Taylor is fighting for the good of humanity. So they tell Taylor why the humans must win and become free agents able to determine their own free will. That information only reinforces Taylor’s resolve, but for some strange reason he won’t confide in any of his men. The don’t understand why he is so driven to win this battle and proceed to Earth.

I think Gen Taylor is an idiot for withholding this info. I guess he thinks he’s the only one capable of understanding what’s at stake yet his men are dying for him and he won’t come clean as to why. they have just as much right to know as Taylor because it’s their lives on the line. his men aren’t stupid, they can understand the Tegri’s message just as well as he.┬áHe’s s causing a lot of internal problems which just aren’t necessary.

This is a good book and an excellent story that I want to continue reading but the author needs to lighten up on Taylor. He’s just a soldier that happens to be enhanced and visited by the Tegri but he’s still just human. Quit trying to make him some kind of superman/super genius soldier, cause he’s not!


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