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“The Shadow Legions”


5 Small Stars
The Shadow Legions

The Saga continues for General Cane! He just gets done with one war and he and his men are off to fight another. As you recall, The Grand Pac Fleet, with the help of ships from the Caliphate and the Central Asian Combine (CAC) had just finished closing a gateway to the Solar System through which the First Imperium would have surely poured through in it’s conquest of all mankind. It was not an easy battle, in fact, Admiral Garrett sadly had to leave behind over 40,000 soldiers, sailors and Marines on the wrong side of the gate or it would have never closed in time. That decision was not easy and he know’s he’ll have to live with it forever.

But now, on the way home to what they thought was some rest and recuperation is just the opposite. Someone is attacking Alliance Colony worlds and taking over at an astonishing rate. Strangely more is that the ground troops dropping to these planets operate exactly like Cain’s Marines, same equipment, same organization and same tactics. Where this new military capability comes from and who’s behind it is a mystery that has to be solved and quickly.

Unfortunately, it’s up to Admiral Garrett and General Cain to decide which colony worlds they can try and win back even if they can do that, which is a strong uncertainty. Can’s Marines are extremely shorthanded not only in strength of numbers but in equipment.

This book tells how Cain and now General Holmes have to come up with the fighting strength to win back at least two vital colonies. Lots of action and some interesting developments will happen in this book. There is a real bad guy behind all of this and if you’ve read the series this far, you probably know who that is. But there’s also a strong ally that jumps in to provide a lot of help but his fight is not over by a long shot.

I enjoyed reading this book but I’m a little apprehensive about the title of the next book, “Even Legends Die (Crimson Worlds Viii)”. Now I know about the “Shadow Legends” but there are a number of legends on the battle fields and in space. I hope we’re not going to lose one of our leading characters; surely not, better not!

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