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Well, this book reads like it’s the end of the series. We’ve followed some of these characters through nine books now and some have appeared in other books in smaller series within the Galaxy’s Edge universe. I still have a few books more to read before I’m completely done with all the books, but I’m hoping that Mr. Anspach and Mr. Nick Cole continue to write more books within the military sci-fi genre. I’ll be reading them if they do.

The above paragraph was written before I realized this series still has four more books to go! I was very surprised when I found that out! Still, there are some troubling events that seem to end things in this story.

The Legion has started to get itself organized back into a fighting force. Under the leadership of now General Cohen Chhun, he’s getting some of the older Legionnaires back in uniform and some of those that were caught by surprise by the uprising of the Empire and the decline of the Republic to see that his side is the right way to go. He’s even allowed some of the misguided dark troopers of the Empires army to re-join his Legion. Exo and Bombassa are two of those former dark troops who thought they were right in working for Goth Sullus the self-proclaimed Emperor of the Republic.

Speaking of the Emperor, he’s angry with the information that Sinasia has decided to declare itself independent of the Empire. The Emperor’s advisor let him know that he hasn’t the assets to actually force the Sinasians back into the fold. That is until Senator Orrin Kaar speaks up. He suggests that the Emperor allows the Zhee to claim the Sinasia planets as their own so they would be attaking instead of using the Black Fleet. Of course, Goth Sullus likes this idea and so do the Zhee. It’s up to the Legion to try and stop them.

Meanwhile, Captain Keel has left Prisma Maydoon at the sanctuary of En Shakar. Her she’s to learn how to control her powers under the tutelage of Mother Ree. Prisma obviously doesn’t like to be away from the Captain and especially from Leenah. Still, it’s for her own good although Prisma seems to be growing up fairly quickly. In fact, something happens at this relatively peaceful and quiet place that will see Prisma leaving by some mysterious means to do what is not quite made clear. This will be a story to be followed at a later date.

While General and now Legion Commander Chhun has a lot going on, he’s still surrounded by his Victory Dark Operators. These guys give him some grief now and then, but he knows they are very respectful of his position and believe in his leadership. Now he must convince them that the time is right to directly attack Goth Sullus at Utopion. Chhun believes they have an Army of Legionnaires right there in the capital with all the former Legionnaires, both aged and disabled. If they could arm these former fighters, then their army would be huge enough to displace Goth Sullus. Working with the false Legion Commander Washam, he finds out that Wash can get these former Legionnaires armed and ready to do the job. Wash has been instrumental in a number of the successful efforts by the Legion due to his tipping off General Chhun to the Emperor’s plans. Now, if Wash can just stay alive for this one last effort.

So, it takes a while for things to happen in this book, but when they do, boy do they start happening. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always end well for the good guys. Goth Sullus is controlled by inhuman forces which seemed to be fighting him for control. These are dark forces that are attempting to enter the galaxy and if they do so, will soon destroy every living thing. Kavi, Captain Keel’s Navigator is actually an ancient who fought against the evil in Goth Sullus and he knows how deadly it can be. They need to terminate Goth Sullus before his loses all control and it’s too late! Goth Sullus turns out to be almost impossible to kill. Still, someone has to get this done or the galaxy is doomed. Who is strong enough to do the job?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, everything seems to end with this book. New leadership arises and new challenges are going to appear. I suppose we’ll get some insight into how things are going to turn out after what has happened in this book. That could be very interesting and it’s already a surprise. I’m not sure what the authors will be writing, but I am sure I’ll be ready each one of the additional four books.

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