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“Stryker’s War”


Corporal Garo Lankin is a member of Stryker Company, 71st Legionnaires and he’s also a crack shot! He just proved how good he is by almost singlehandedly saving the life of a Republic Senator.  Now his dream of going to sniper school will finally come true. Capt Kato has seen to it that he has a slot, now it’s up to Corporal Lankin to finish the training.

He does with flying colors and has now returned to the 71st and Styker Company. He’s in 1st Platoon who has a new Lt by the name of Duval. He’s also a “Point” or an appointed Officer in the Legion. That probably means he has very little training and no experience whatsoever with the Legion.  Fortunately, Sergeant Talon, Lankin’s best friend, was also his Squad Leader and tried to keep Lankin out of trouble.

They were going the planet Gestor and specifically to Gangeers to cover  a mining operation that was experiencing some terrorist activity. The mining op was something that the House of Reason wanted to keep going since it brought in a lot wealth to the Republic, much of which was used to prop up the members of that House. The Republic Senate also probably had some hand in this operation although that wasn’t entirely known. The 71st was dropped on Gangeers and were going to take over from the Republic Marines. The Marines had been experiencing some attacks from what they thought were local rebels, but not so many as to make the Marines as sharp as they should be. So when the Legion showed up, they found a lot of work that had to be done to get the FOB operating as it should and to make sure the mining op was well protected. It wasn’t right now and they were going to find out just how badly things were real quickly.

Now the author also introduces a Major Wyeire and identifies him as the Commander of Bravo Platoon, 71st Legion. That doesn’t make sense given that Capt Kato is the 71st Legion, Stryker Company Commander which would have contained Bravo Platoon unless there’s some other kind of TO&E in effect. I don’t understand this part, but to make thing worse, Major Wyeire is also a “Point” and he has no intention of going down to the planet with the Legion Company. Yet, he will maintain control of the company while in orbit. He’s supposed to be providing requested support when the Company needs it, but Major Wyeire who has no combat experience doesn’t think the Company should need any outside help. He’s not even willing to send the support he has since he thinks the Legionnaires should be able to just easily defeat any rag-tag resistance they might meet on planet.

So all this means is that the Legionnaires at Gangeers are stuck with what they brought with them and it ain’t enough! It turns out that there is a very large and strong terrorist group, well armed and ready for the Legion. They attack everywhere and soon have the Legion thinned out to where they need additional support, but aren’t getting any from Major Wyeire. This story shows how badly the House of Reasons interference with the Legion has gotten by their appointment of Legion Officers who are not qualified for any kind of leadership and have very little courage to go with the little brains they do have!

It takes a very heroic effort on the part of Stryker Company, 71st Legionnaires to survive the enemy while fighting against their own leadership!

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