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“Wayward Galaxy 5”


Wayward Galaxy 5

We’re back on planet Amir with Jared Reach, Liana Craiswell (Madame Osay) and Colonel Bosa. These are the leaders of the American peoples on the planet. The original settlers were the descendants of a colony ship sent by American several centuries in the past. They were to be joined by the USS Boone, another colony ship, but that ship got caught in some kind of time warp and didn’t actually reach the planet until 200 years later. The original colony survived by staying together and with the help of a single android they named Brody. He acted as their protector for all those years while new generations grew and died until the present day when the USS Boone contingency arrived.

Unfortunately, most of the colonist aboard the Boone were died in cryo-sleep. The only ones to make it to the planet were most of the military and a Mr. Jared Reach. Reach was supposed to be civil-military liaison between the colonist and the military of the original colonial expedition. But, a Doctor Roman with the help of an advanced AI name Alexa modified Jared and all the other military while they were in cryo-sleep to make it seem that Jared was the military leader although he was no longer in the military. These two also enhanced Jared’s physical abilities and mental capacities so that he was something of a super human and quite capable of taking on the dangers the colonist face on the planet.

Those dangers were immediate and very threatening. The fauna of Amir was very deadly, but if that wasn’t enough, the planet was also occupied by military members of the Russo-Chinese Pacific Alliance (RUPAC). Jared and Brody along with the rest of the military from the USS Boone were able to root out the majority of the RUPAC soldiers and were systematically securing all their scientific stations on the planet. They now have at least two, maybe three more station to clear out, but they no the RUPAC soldiers will be fighting desperately against them even though they have “liberated” many of the RUPAC soldiers who were found to be most uneducated conscripts.

The last bastion of the RUPAC is station Six and it is underwater. How Jared and the rest of the American forces are going to secure this facility is a great question. It is especially critical since they no a RUPAC Reclamation Team is headed for the planet with a very large contingent of solders to ensure planet Amir stays in their control.

So, this story is about how the American colonist strive to survive and make the planet safe for the long term. They know that the Earth they came from no longer exist as it once was. Things have changed on Earth and they don’t have much contact with the home world so it’s very important they make their home on Amir for themselves and their future generations.

I think this is then end of this particular series. It was a good series, but was all about the actions on Planet Amir. You’ll see how things finally turn out for everyone at the end of this book.

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