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“Earth Valor”


5 Small Stars
Earth Valor

I need to create a new military science fiction genre. It will be called military science fiction horror! This series is all about the horror of war, especially the horror of war with an alien species that treats humanity as table scraps. The writer is particularly adept at describing some very gruesome scenes. He doesn’t leave much to the imagination although you have to have a great imagination to read science fiction in the first place.

Now, after six books, I’m getting a little tired of it! That’s not a knock against the author. No, it’s more of, “I need to read something a little lighter in tone with some dang humor.” There’s very little humor in this book although towards the end Addy seems to have gone off the deep in and things everything is humorous. Again, there isn’t anything humorous in this book, just terrible, sickening fighting against and overwhelming enemy.

I’m not sure how Addy Linden got her “Resistance” force put together when it seemed as if all the humans on Earth had been rounded up and sent to the slaughterhouses. There didn’t seem to be many fighting back until Addy broke out of her own slaughterhouse and fled to the forest. Still, she finds hidden pockets of humans that are still hanging on, still alive and not food for the marauders. Addy has gotten tired of hiding and sulking around always afraid of the next tree or dark place because it might house a marauder ready to tear her limb from limb. So she decides that if something must be done to take back the Earth, her Earth, then she is going to have to do it. Then, they get a call from the Europeans who represent the remains of the Human Defense Force (HDF). The HDF has apparently survived in numbers in Europe and rule the Atlantic Oceans. The marauders do not apparently like the sea although they can and do fly their vicious revengers in massive numbers all over the Atlantic. Yet, a flicker of hope comes from the HDF. They indicate they are coming to help free North America starting at New York City on 9 May. They want Addy’s North American Resistance to meet them and begin the liberation of not only this continent, but of the Earth itself.

So, the war really begins in earnest now. It’s surprising that Earth has as many warriors alive as it does. Addy’s “army” is more a collection of the surviving than a real military out fit. Yet, the HDF seems to be a well supplied and equipped military. But, will it be enough? They not only need to gain a foothold in New York, but everyone knows they will eventually have to fight their way all the way to Toronto where Lord Malphas resides. Don’t know if they can do this or not.

Meanwhile, Marco Emery, Lailani De la Rosa, Kemi Abasi and Captain Einav Ben-Ari are hurling through a black hole towards light that’s coming from some where or some when. Their part of the story is just as interesting as is Addy’s, but no where near as gruesome. They have to find help for Earth in this last battle. Eventually, the do reach the end of the black hole, but what they find is not what they expected. There is also the probably with the time dilation while traveling at greater than light speeds. If they do find help, will they be able to get back in time to find an Earth worth saving?

This is a very good series if you’re into military science fiction horror! I usually don’t go for this kind of stuff, but it is military science fiction and there is some excellent battle scenes, but there are a lot of just horrible scenes that could maybe have been toned down a bit. But, the books are what they are and the writer has done an overall excellent job. Unfortunately, he’s not done. There is a final chapter in this book that shows Earth has not seen the last of her enemies. After this last struggle, I don’t see how Earth can ever put up a decent fight against anything. There’s nothing left to fight with and nobody wants to fight any more. Yet, the writer writes on.

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