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“Freezer Burn”


Freezer Burn

While Captain Jack Hale and his crew aboard the Cabrón had managed to blow up SC3 (Sol Corps Command Complex), they hadn’t completely shutdown Sol Corps. Director Marlo Junger was still calling the shots and she was getting tired of fighting all the rebels that still remained after the Waymakers left the Solar System. One in particular she wanted dead was Dr. Domino Wolfe. Domino was also Jack Hale’s current lady friend he spent considerable time with while the Cabrón was in the docks. Jack wasn’t necessarily in favor of the rebels activities nor was he against them although Domino had tried to talk him into taking a more active role in the rebellion.

Jack and his crew were between jobs and needed to find something that paid for their expenses. Domino mentioned to Jack that she needed some cargo shipped to Mars and she was willing to pay very well. So the Cabrón took off for Mars. In the meantime, General Charles Metrell was discussing with Marlo Junger her desire to have Domino eliminated. Junger wanted it to look like a natural death and not turn Domino into a martyr. The General has the assets to get the job done, but he new that it wouldn’t be the end of the rebels and Sol Corps wasn’t the power needed in the Solar System.

Unbeknownst to most of the Solar System, General Metrell had other assets which had actually created the Waymakers. They had evolved into a quasi-dictatorial governing body, but they never directly threatened human life. In fact, they had ensure a type of peace throughout the Solar System where people lived in relative peace. Only criminals had to worry about Sol Corps enforcers, but the Waymaker had mostly lost interest in humanity. It eventually evolved and decided to leave the Solar System completely. As it traveled other parts of the Galaxy, it was going to be replicator factories to build more copies of itself and further its exploration efforts. Metrell wasn’t happy with this vacuum left by the Waymakers departure.

General Metrell had some secret, highly intelligent programmers busy building a new Waymaker so he could put it back in place and possibly get rid of Sol Corps completely. While the programmers were frantically working on this new AI, General Metrell was pushing them to get it done. They were running into various programming errors that they name this new AI “Glitch”. It was supposed to begin learning on its own and eventually eliminate all those programming error on its own. That’s when General Metrell stepped in and took control of “Glitch”. He killed all the programmers and took Glitch back to the old Waymaker factory.

General Metrell made on fatal mistake in establishing Glitch in place of the Waymakers. Glitch said he could not evolve enough to bring the kind of peace General Metrell wanted throughout the Solar System unless it was given total and free reign over its own programming. General Metrell deleted some restricting code in Glitch’s system and that removed all restrictions on its actions. Unfortunately, that meant that Glitch could now harm humans to accomplish its goals. Its first action was to kill General Metrell!

From this point on, all heck breaks out in the Solar System. A new AI has taken over and anyone on its list of “undesirables” are eliminated. At this point Jack doesn’t know if he and his ship are on the “undesirable” list, so he takes on a rather strange mission. You’ll be surprised what the remaining humans of the Solar System decide Jack and his ship must hunt down in the far reaches of space. This entity could be the only thing that can save humanity from total extinction. Not everyone is going to survive this mission on the activities in the Solar System.

The story doesn’t end here. Book 3, “Malfunction Junction” currently available on Amazon.

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