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“Android Hunters”


5 Small Stars
Android Hunters

When I was much, much younger I thought I was tough and mean. Boy, did I think I was mean. I always imagined myself telling somebody that was picking on me that if they didn’t leave me alone, I’d rip their arm off and beat them to death with it! I always thought that was just a “cool” thing to say. I can’t imagine ever doing something like that, but our author has his characters doing this all the time. I mean, androids ripping human arms off and then thrashing everyone in sight with it or our android hunters, who are human, rip off an android arm and beat them to death with it. Whoa, how gruesome! But that’s what happens in this book, a lot!

You see, we’re in the far, far distant future. Way beyond where androids were common place and used by their creators, humans, to do things humans didn’t want to do. And, humans built our androids so well, you almost can’t tell which is human and which is android on the outside, that is. Then one day, the Androids decided they were done doing what humans wanted them to do. They felt that humans had made them do way to many terrible, terrible things and now they were going to teach the humans a lesson. So the Androids apparently slaughtered a billion or more humans on a planet some eighty years ago. A billion! Since then, Androids have been hunted down and exterminated. A mistake that humanity should never have created.

Except the Androids don’t want to be exterminated and neither does the Primus Collective!

The story is great with a lot of high-tech action and fighting. You’ll meet the Android Hunters, a team of tactical specialist that have been “enhanced” to almost equal the strength of an Android. They hate Androids and terminate such on sight with a vengeance. The team you meet seems pretty well balanced. The characters are pretty well developed, but not every thing is clear about their past. You’ll find a kind of love story going on between two of the team members which is kind of interesting. And, then you’ll meet one Android that thinks he’s working directly for God. Yeah, he thinks he’s working for THE ONE AND ONLY, but of course he’s not. He’s just totally psycho, but he’s become the Android leader.

Lastly, there’s got to be a sequel. Too many things are left hanging at the end of this story to just let it go. And then there’s Corli. What is she going to do? Who’s side is she on? Heaven help us if she’s not on the side of the humans.

I really liked the book, but there are lots and lots of editorial mistakes. Missing words or bad grammar in almost every chapter and on almost every page. Sorry, but they are there and it distracts from the reading. Future books need to have a lot better editing as far as this reader is concerned.

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