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“The First Days on the Front”


3 Small Stars

This a strange book or short story or novella as the author calls it. I’m not sure how or when I got this, but I’ve been putting off reading it for some time and I don’t know why. Now I do. First, I don’t read novella’s usually because they are too short. I prefer epic novels that go on forever or at least a series that goes on forever. I don’t know if this one will or not and I don’t intend to continue on reading it.

It’s just kind of hard to read. The dialect is very strange. This scenes are very strange and the entire situation is very strange. This sounds like something that could have occurred in WW1, but then I know it didn’t because these people have are aliens with alien Overlords. Anyway, we’re on a journey with a very, very young man and his brother, blood-fed brother, whatever that means. They are going to war. Only it sounds like they’re just going to go to the front and die. I don’t know how long this war has been going on or why it’s even been going on and you never find out. You don’t even know about the enemy except that they are the “Southerners” and you are a “Northerner”. Yeah, I know we (America) fought it’s own kind of stupid civil war, but at least the kids in that war knew what they were fighting for or at least they should have. And no one that we have ever sent to war was bred just for that purpose!

So, if you want to read this book, it’s up to you. There’s not much to it that makes much sense to me. There is a twist, but it’s not what you’d ever think and the novella doesn’t end very satisfactorily. So, with that, I’m satisfied in ending this review.

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