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5 Small Stars

This is one of my favorite series. The action is always intense and pretty much continuous in some way or another. We’re back with now Major Ryk Lysander, United Federation Marine Corps. It appears he’s calmed down considerably from his Captain days. He’s nowhere near as arrogant now.

His new assignment as an Embassy Attaché in the capital city of the Confederation, no less, is about as boring as it can get. Well, for him, nothing stays boring. He finds out that his notoriety as a two time Federation Nova winner marks him for extermination by the Confeds. One thing leads to another and he finds his career as a quasi-diplomat is over, quickly. Still, he does manage to assist the Confeds in capturing a critical spaceship taken by the SOG. That’s an interesting story in itself.

So his next assignment puts him at the United Federation Marine Corps HQ. This is the worst of all possible assignments for a Major. Here you are just one of many mid-career officers given boring go’fer work to see how much boredom you can swallow! You are a paper-pusher deluxe and it’s very tough on action minded Marine officers. But, it’s something you have to suck up and do the time.

Ryk is doing his job and trying to cope. He’s enjoying his family home time and getting to see his kids growing. Then one day, his friend from way back tells Ryk that he’s taking command of a new Marine Ranger Battalion and needs a new Company Commander! Ryk has until morning to make his decision.

Of course Ryk’s going to go. Wouldn’t be much of a story if he didn’t. And now the action really gets started! The writing is great with lots of action. It’s not real graphic, but can get realistic unless you live in a dream world and don’t think the bad guys would ever use children as weapons! I’ll leave it at that, so you can go read the book.

Keep them coming and I’ll keep reading.

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