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“Kato’s War”


4 Small Stars
Kato's War

I didn’t think this was going to be my kind of book when I accepted to read it, and it turns out, I was right! This is a pretty simple story. Starting at the second book of a series isn’t something I usually do, but I know now that the first book in the series would have made me not want to read any more.

This is a young adults book or for kids. The dialogue is very simple at times. Some conversations probably didn’t need to happen, while others just sounded silly. Most of the story was very predictable. A young lady named Zara stole a starship and went after her father who apparently ran to the stars in his own starship after he and his business partner had a disagreement. All that was in book one. Zara found her father and was bringing him back but they had to go into hibernation in order to make it back to any where.

About four hundred years later, a warp-drive ship from Earth (actually Mars) finds Zara and her Dad, Kato. They revive them and eventually return them to Earth. Of course, Earth has changed considerably in four hundred years. Most of the story is the author’s vision of the future. It’s not bad, but we’re seeing it mostly through Zara’s eyes and she sounds like a teenaged girl. I think she’s supposed to be older.

Anyway, the story only happens because the guy she stole the starship from four hundred years ago, is some how still alive. And he’s still mad at her. I guess it takes some people a long time to get over stuff. I think the statute of limitations has long passed, but this guy makes his own laws.

Read the book if you need something to take you far, far away from any war stories. Why was this named “Kato’s War”?

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