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“Aurora: CV-01”


4 Small Stars

Outstanding beginning start to a new series. Although it seems a little short, it was probably due to the fast pace of the story towards the end. A good build up of characters in the beginning although there wasn’t a lot of depth.

I am a little confused as to the story line…a brand new, highly classified, super secret, ship is sent out on a mission with no escort and very little on-board armor. Additionally, this ship wasn’t even fully crewed and the crew that was aboard was almost completely untrained. There is no way I, as a veteran Captain, would take on any mission under these circumstances. And I don’t understand how a ship this large is only apparently training one set of crew at a time. The situation where as only one navigator and one pilot is in training is pretty far fetched.

Additionally, this new ship happens to jump to a supposedly empty area of space. Uh, space is all empty. To find an enemy ship in the area is really highly unlikely in any scenario; to find two, is a writers story!

And finally, the ship makes a miraculous 1,000 light-year jump. Ok, now that’s believable, I guess. But, if they desire to get back home, which it seems that’s a goal, wouldn’t a 1,000 years have already passed? I don’t believe they can go back in time or am I missing something?

Still very good story and I am already starting on the next book in the series.

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