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“Rise of the Alliance”


5 Small Stars
Rise of the Alliance

Last time we left our heroes, they were just defeating a Jung War Platform of immense size. If it wasn’t for the last minute showing of the Corinairi supplied Falcons from the Pentaurus Cluster that battle would certainly have been lost. But they did show in the nick of time and the Alliance won the day!

Earth is saved for now. But, since Earth has already been occupied and ravaged by the Jung twice, there’s not much to cheer about. The Jung used nuclear weapons in many, many places on Earth and the planet is now starting to feel the effects. More importantly, Earth’s infrastructure is non-existant so they cannot provide the Aurora or the Celestia with any kind of support. Both jump ships are badly in need of repairs but they will have to do them on their own.

The Celestia limps to Tanna, a planet in the far edge of the know galaxy, where she can get some much needed repairs done without having to go directly into battle. In the meantime, the Aurora is doing it’s repairs on station as much as possible while watching for more Jung ships. It is believe that most of the Jung have actually been wiped out in this sector of space. Still, it is believed and scouts have confirmed that another huge Jung War Platform resides in the Alpha Centauri system which isn’t that far from Earth.

Nathan Scott, Captain of the Aurora, plans to deal with that War Platform before it decides to make a trip to Earth and finish off the job the previous Jung attacks began. His problem is that a courier drone has gone to Alpha Centauri delivering all the tactical data about the recent battle. He knows that his previous tactics won’t work a second time and this War Platform will be ready.

Meanwhile, Prince Casimir has been really, really busy attempting to get support to Sol. He has talked to everyone he possibly can but as he did turn over control of the government to a Parliamentary body, he doesn’t not have dictatorial powers to just make everyone do as he wishes. Those members of the Parliament are the ultra-rich and won’t do anything that’s not in their favor. Even thought they know Captain Scott freed their entire planetary system from a vicious tyrannical dictator, they still won’t recognize their need to support Earth since, “There nothing in it for me!”

Still, Prince Casimir has managed to get jump drives installed on the astroid he previously used as a rebel hideout. He intents to load this astroid up with everything he can get his hands on, food, medicine, technicians, you name it, and see it jumping to Earth. It might take awhile be he’s determined to get it there. Commander Dumar is the officer in charge and he’s of the same mind-set. He will do everything in his power to get the entire astroid to Earth as quickly as possible.

Ok, if you’re not interested in this book now, then don’t bother reading the rest. Captain Scott has grown into a pretty good Commanding Officer no matter what anyone else may say. There is a part of this new story that just doesn’t make sense. The Aurora finds several Earth scout ships hiding in astroids floating about the Sol system. It appears these scout ships have been “hiding” for well over 8 years or more. Once they find one, they are able to revive the crew who had been in stasis all this time.

Now my problem with this part of the story is that three for the scout ships are apparently commanded by Captains (Navy rank, I assume), and are of equal rank to Nathan Scott. A scout ship has only a crew of 8! It sets idle on most of it’s missions just watching and collecting data. As I mentioned, their last mission was open-ended whereas they were to stay in stasis and in these hollowed asteroids until they received a “Go” code. At least one of these “Captains” doesn’t think Nathan Scott has any right being in command. He says that Scott isn’t trained for command as he was. The other two Captains can see that argument but they know they have been out of service for quite sometime and since Scott, the Aurora and the Celestia are still in the fight, he must be doing something right.

Why would a small ship crew of 8 need a full Captain as it’s commander. A commander that sleeps in stasis most of the time at that. One Captain said he took a trip that lasted something like two years and two weeks, one year in stasis out, two weeks observing, and another year in stasis coming back. Doesn’t sound like much of a command for a full Captain. I think the author is stretching things just a little too much to ad more drama to the story, as if more was needed.

I think these Scout Ship Captains need to go away. We don’t need this part of the story. I think they have been toned down a little at the end but I would prefer not to here these guys seconding guessing Scott every time something goes wrong. Send them on multi-year scouting missions. That’s their jobs, right?

Now, I love the Ghatazhak! They are a bunch of mean mothers. The use of them in this story is just excellent. I wouldn’t mind reading an entire book about these killing machines. Lt Telles is a very cool customer although he seems to talk a lot for such a controlled and unemotional warrior! Seems like he has to input something into every conversation and at times he just takes over the conversation saying what he believes is true. You might want to rein him in just a little as to his talking.

This is an excellent series of books. I really, really like them as you can tell by my review. Keep them coming. I’ll buy them no matter the price!

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