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“The Fall of the Core: Netcast Zero”


3 Small Stars
Netcast Zero

Ah, hmm…, what I thought was a book, turned out to be a long short-story. I’ve written term papers longer than this “book”! I’m really surprised, too, because the author, Ryk Brown, has written a ton of really, really good stuff. His epic, “The Frontiers Saga”, has 13 books in the series and I don’t think it’s done yet! I don’t have a clue how this little story is supposed to fit in.

It involves two women at the beginning. Both appear to be bright and intelligent. They are in the news business. One is a “talking head” and the other is her producer. They have a videographer who shoots all their interviews. So, it’s a team of three trying to get into the big time with one big story.

They are interviewing a computer expert about a computer virus that’s running around Earth causing all sorts of problems. He tells them he’s confident they can stop it but it is taking time. They finish that interview, their videographer quits to go to greener pastures, but the two women have to press on. They have another “gig” lined up in Boston. So off on the mag-lev they go.

Now this is in the far, far future, I hope. Everyone or most everyone has been implanted with health nanites and augmented rural messaging devices. These messaging devices allow instant communication through thought just like sending an email. That’s how this two women usual converse during their interviews, passing non-verbal messages to each other so the one doing the interviews can ask reasonably intelligent questions and they can stay on topic.

I’m not going to write much more now. If I did, you’d have the entire story in just a few paragraphs! The author wrote just a little more, but not much. It’s a good interesting story-line that could and should be developed into a book. But, this effort is not a book. – The End –

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