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“Last Stand of the Legion: Rift”


5 Small Stars

This could be the start of another great Space Marine story. While we start out reading about Legionaries flying high performance space ships, everything turns around in the next 25 years. Yes, the main character is a young Lt. with a fighter squadron looking for the Aliens who just attacked one of the Confederation colonies. These aliens haven’t been seen or heard from in a long, long time. It was thought that they were going to mind their own business and let us alone. Didn’t happen!

Lt Dasan Sand leads his squadron on an impossible mission to rescue the children of the colony that were taken by the aliens. Why they took only children is totally unknown and will be for the next 25 years. While Lt Sand and his squadron went beyond the call of duty to recover the children they knew about, the colony roster had not been updated and there were other children that did not get recovered. Lt Sands has to live with this thought for the next 25 years.

But he’s not just idle. He realized that the Confederation military was terribly screwed up in one particular area. While the aliens put troops on the ground to kill every man and woman they found, the Confederation has no such ground force capability.

So, twenty-five years later (thank goodness for rejuvenation treatments!), now “Colonel”, Sand has developed a Brigade of ground forces made up of the toughest Legionnaires he could find. And on the day they are to demonstrate their capabilities to the Confederation Command Staff, the aliens return!

This is one of those books you can not put down. Don’t even try to watch TV and read at the same time. You’ll completely lose track of the TV program, guaranteed! It is a fast paced story with some good character development. I like how the author paired off different people and let them be human.

Still, there is a lot of terrible editing in this book. Missing words or words in the wrong place, broken continuity, i.e., ships identified as New York and Tokyo are identified as New York and Toyota on the next page; the Sargent Major is promoted to Major on one page and the next she’s identified as a Colonel. There were probably more but this book sure does need an editor. I truly hope the rest of the series gets a much be editing treatment. Oh, and how about using names that we can pronounce. Is that so hard?

Get started reading this series. it’s going to be fun entertainment!



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