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“Brave New Dawn”


Brave New Dawn

The Exiled Fleet, such that it is now, is still continuing its mission and that is to find any threats to Earth and the Solar System along with identifying any potential habitable planets for humanity. They now have a secondary mission which has been to the forefront by the Genesians’ desire for a home world of their own. The Genesians have long been exiled from humanity because of their cyborg appearance and their previous attempt to conquer humanity. Sergeant Major Reverent (Rev) Pelletier, Perseus Union Marine Corps has no problem working with the Genesians since the fleet is now down to one ship. Half if occupied by the humans and their other half by the Genesians.

Rev is still coping with the “rot”, a degenerative disease caused by his medical modification in becoming a Integrated Bionic Hopological Unit (IBHU) Marine. He has a strengthen internal framework that helps support his IBHU weapon. These mods to his body have caused this detonation to slowly affect his body and he now looks to have only six months to maybe a year to live. He and one other IBHU Marine are experiencing the same thing except the other Marine’s rot might be progressing faster. Still, this has nothing to do with their present mission.

They have found a planet that the Genesians indicate they might want to stay upon. If they do so, they will have to grow their own food and build most of their infrastructure from natural resources in-order to sustain a colony. While this planet seems to be a good spot, it doesn’t have any native life, in fact, it doesn’t have any life at all. While there is evidence that the planet was once a thriving civilization, it’s now completely devoid of life. All the signs of the previous planetary occupants are now in crumpled ruins. It appears that something or someone attacked the planet and destroyed everything. Still, that doesn’t account for the fact that they can’t find any remains of anything, just burned out rubble. Sill, the Genesians say they want to stay so the starship *Galaxy Explorer* commits to stay for a month while the Genesians get settled.

Meanwhile, Rev has had the ships resources searching the system for any signs of something unusual. They know they have an enemy somewhere in this sector of the galaxy called the BGs (Bad Guys), but they don’t know who or what they are, except that they are very hostile. Rev knows they can’t survive another encounter with this race. So, sensors are on max and everything in the system is being scanned in-depth. They find an asteroid that is unusual in that it’s floating in space where it shouldn’t be. The sensors indicated that it seems to be hollow inside and no one knows why. So, Rev and his Marines are dispatched to check it out. What they find is not good. Rev wants the starship to leave this system immediately. He believes that the BGs have left this asteroid here as a kind of trip-wire which he and his Marines have triggered.

So, they leave this system quickly leaving behind a lot of equipment already on the ground since they don’t know how much time they have. The move to another system to wait. The Genesians want to go back to the planet if the BGs don’t show up. No one knows if they will. So, it’s a waiting game. Soon, they will send a scout ship back to the system to check things out.

Later, the *Galaxy Explorer* has moved on to another system. They find what appears to be a very nice, inviting planet that seems to be inhabited by two species, neither of which are very advanced. That is until one of the aliens break into the ships comms and asks the humans to meet with them on the planet. Now here’s where the real story starts. It looks like they have found a race of aliens that are extremely advanced but outwardly they don’t show that since there are so few of them. They even have advances in medical sciences that astound the crew of the Galaxy Explorer especially when that crew gets caught in a surprise attack by a second alien civilization on the planet. This second group were thought to have been tamed, but that wasn’t the case. They attacked the crew of the *Galaxy Explorer* without provocation and killed or injured a great many.

One of those killed was the Captain of the *Galaxy Explorer* so Rev is now almost in charge of everything. He’s got to get this war under control because this planet could be the type of planet that they could settle on and have a happy life. If only he wasn’t dying in a few more months.

This does appear to be the end of a very long and exciting series. I’ve enjoyed it tremendously. I think the ending was pretty good although it would be interesting to know what happened by in the Solar System. I hope Mr. Chaney and Mr. Brazee do more books together since they are very, very good writers on their own.

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