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“Cyborg Corps”


5 Small Stars
Cyborg Corps

A new series that I think will turn out pretty good. I know the start was kind of startling, and it got better from there. Only problem, there are a lot of Veterans that could only hope to be in Warren Prescott’s position. Having lost a leg in Iran, he’s at the VA to have his prosthesis adjusted; one of many times he’s had to have this done.

The VA technician just couldn’t get it right. If he fixed one part, then another spot would start hurting. It was typical of the kind of visits that Warren had experienced and he was getting just a little tired of it. So, after a few more adjustments that, again, didn’t work, the technician suddenly left. He quickly came back with an older guy who looked like a doctor and was in fact a doctor. Dr. Burgess began offering Warren a way to get his missing leg back or to a point where he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The procedure was experimental and all Warren had to do was volunteer. Well, most military guys don’t “volunteer” for anything after that initially volunteering to go into the military. But, Dr. Burgess made it sound so promising and then hit him with the kicker that the government would pay him $200,000 for his time and trouble. That sold the deal so Warren signed on the bottom line.

Surgery should have been just like the many other surgeries Warren previously underwent when his leg was first lost. Dr. Burgess and his staff started right off on Warren, but they didn’t seem to know what part of him needed replaced. Instead of just working on his leg, Warren could feel them cutting into his chest and that was definitely something wrong!

Warren finally wakes up from the surgery wanting to get some answers only to find that he has no clue where he’s at. He quickly realizes that he’s in the middle of a battle and someone is shooting at him. He’s instincts kick in and he begins to protect himself and starts returning fire. As the fighting continues, Warren suddenly realizes that he has two legs to stand on and he can feel the ground equally with both. He’s also in some kind of combat armor with a weapon he’s never seen, but knows exactly how to use it. This is just the beginning of a strange new world that Warren finds himself some 400+ years since he made the deal with Dr. Burgess!

I find the characters pretty well thought out, at least for Warren. He has a background that’s some what explained and we get some short stories about some of his new “friends”. I also find that although Warren does wake in the middle of a battle, he’s not one to want to fight. He prefers to avoid that if all possible and finds that, for the most part, those around him feel the same. Now only if they would be allowed to act on these feelings. It seems like something is controlling Warren and he doesn’t like it one bit.

A good start to what could be a pretty good series. Some of the story seems too easy, like Warren’s plans always work out, and that just doesn’t happen. Still, I’m sure you’ll be surprised to find out how different life has become for Warren and a whole lot of other cyborgs!

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