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“Fields of Fire”


Fields of Fire

In this book, Peacemaker Van Tudor and his ship, the Fafnir (I still don’t like or understand that name), fly around meeting new people or aliens and make new, deadly enemies. They also get their ship upgraded, adding new weapons and capabilities that still don’t completely equal their enemies. The do pay more attention to the Iowa, a battleship that is kind of in mothballs because Van doesn’t have the money or crew to fully operate, at least enough attention to get it badly damaged in a horrendous fight. But, that battleship soon proves it’s worth more than Van could ever imagine.

Still, Van Tudor is wanting to find out who is supporting the Trinduks and where their base of operation lies. He does this by going deep into the DEEP, an area of space way beyond the know universe, where the Peacemaker Guild really has no authority. It’s a long, long way to get to this place called Rodantic’s World. Here they find what they are looking for and much, much more. They have now seen the operations of a mega-corporation called “BeneStar”. It seem BeneStar controls the DEEP and now is wanting to move into known space and begin controlling it also.

BeneStar seems to be the evil behind everything bad that Van Tudor and his crew have run across. They are far reaching into everything and want to control more. It takes quite awhile, but Van finally identifies a single individual who is in charge of this mega-corporation, but he certainly can’t control or manage all of it by his lonesome; it’s to vast and organization for that. Still, he has a name and that’s who he goes after or rather they come after him.

The Trinduks or someone within the BeneStar corporation has found out a lot of information about Peacemaker Van Tudor and his associates. They know where he’s from (Earth) and everyone he has had any kind of contact with over the years as a Peacemaker. They can and probably will make trouble for all of these people and aliens just to get at Van Tudor. So, Van has to put the word out to his friends to be on their guard against possible attacks from unknown sources hired by BeneStar.

Then he finds out that BeneStar is also looking for another individual. This person is a scientist and she is working in the agriculture business. She has apparently created a new kind of crow that could possibly feed the entire galaxy. While that would be fantastic, it wouldn’t be greatly less so if BeneStar had control of this new process or plant. They would ultimately control the Galaxy’s food supply and that would put them in control of everything. Van isn’t going to let that happen.

It’s going to require a large part of the Peacemaker Guild to pitch in and help stop BeneStar. Van even gets help from his estranged Mother, even though he’s not sure he wants help from her. He also manages to get some help from a bunch of adolescent kids who actual turn the tide in a battle. These kids weren’t supposed to be any where near the bad guys, but who’s to stop a bunch of rambunctious pre-teens and teenagers?

This is a pretty good story with us meeting a new member of Van Tudor’s crew. It’s a good think they have been gradually expanding the Fafnir’s living quarters or it would be quite crowed on the ship by now. How this new crew member works out is yet to be determined, but I think he’ll fit in just fine.

Of course this series isn’t done yet, Book 10, “Severed Ties” is just about ready. It’s coming out on 9 October 2022. I’ve got it on my To Read list and I suggest you continue with this series also.

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