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“Fog of War”


Fog of War

Admiral Jack Romanoff and his crew have all made their plans on what everyone will be doing over the next few months, so they are get to doing whatever. And there’s a lot of “whatever”. The Admiral knows he needs to free the planet Vesuvius, but it is too heavily covered by the Locust and their motherships. Instead he’s going to head towards another system name Leaping Deer and see if he can dislodge the swarm of Locust in this system. He knows that he can’t completely destroy the Locust in either system, but he has to start attriting their numbers sooner or later.

Before that mission takes place, the has his Tactical/Weapons officer, Lieutenant Amanda Harris getting his ship ready to install not one, but two of the deadly antiproton weapons that have taken from the Novarites. She’ll definitely have to work with Commander Kelly Danek, the ship’s Chief Engineer to modify and add more power modules to support the new weapons. It’s a big job, but the Admiral wants all of this done before they go one their next mission.

Meanwhile, Sara Nastasi, acting on behalf of the *Hunter*, needed to get Argent to start shipping people out to Port Royal so they could begin work on the next battleship, the “*Scorpius*” . And the people at Port Royal were going to have to get involved in getting the *Taurus* ready to go to the location of the secret/not secret Poseidon Group base and start bringing back the shipyards found there. Additionally, there was some one-hunted and fifty cruisers in the docks almost finished. With some additional work, these could be read to join Admiral Romanoff’s fleet. Yet, everyone knew that couldn’t happen if they didn’t find the crews to man those ships. Obviously, there was a lot of work for the crew of the Hunter, both on and off the ship, as well as the planet Argent. President Caroline Ibarra was fully committed to Jack and his ship to get whatever support they needed.

On the planet itself, Lisa Gain and Christine Hooghuis were becoming more and more involved with this mysterious assassin who went by the name of Patrick. He was a stealthy as anyone could possibly be having broken into the security Presidential Headquarters facility that David and Tina Chen along with Lisa and Christine used as their operations center. He had visited both individually and now had requested to meet with Christine so he could tell her his full story of who he was and where he had come from. They already knew he was not Tardan nor Novarite and certainly not from Earth. Still, he said he was definitely against anything the Poseidon Group was doing and was going to assist the Confederation in getting rid of these traitors.

You’ll get a good dose of space fighting with the *Hunter* doing what it was built for and still wondering how one ship can ever defeat the Novarites. You’ll find out that there could be even more Novarites coming to Confederation space, many more than just one Confederation ship can handle. They have to get another battleship ready for war and put a well-trained crew aboard to operate the ship as it should be operated. It won’t have the significant modifications the *Hunter* has installed, but it will still be a capable battleship to assist the *Hunter* in the fight.

It appears that book 9, “[Ships of the Line](”, is out now on Amazon. I’ve already added it to my reading list.

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