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“Gateway to War”


5 Small Stars
Gateway to War

This has been one of the most enjoyable sci-fi series I have read. It contains exactly what I like, a lot of fighting (for a reason), different characters, and some mystery. I was really looking forward to finding out how the author was going to get Awen and Magnus back together again. In the book, that mystery is solved, but it begins a lot of others.

Magnus has realized that he’s no longer a Marine part of the Republic. He’s found out that he’s wanted by the Republic on charges stemming from the bombing of the Jujari mwadim’s palace. Of course, he had nothing to do with that, but it happened on his watch and the Republic has to pin this on someone, so Magnus is the guy. Additionally, with the bioteknia eyes, Magnus wouldn’t have been allowed to stay in the Marines anyway. So what’s he to do now? Well, he decides that he needs to find some allies and hopes to do so on Worru. Magnus doesn’t know the real status of Master So-Elku, but he will find out soon enough. Most of Magnus’ Marines are still with him since they have formed a strong bond and can’t see leaving the Lieutenant for any reason. So, they too are done with the Republic Marine Corps.

Meanwhile, Awen, Ezo, Sootriman and T0-96 along with their super technological starship, Spire, commanded by a super robot called Azelon, have returned from the Novia Minoosh universe to Ki Nar Four. They were chased from Ithnor Ithelia by a platoon of Admiral Kane’s (now Moldark) men. Not having much to fight about, Awen and her group had no where else to go. While being chased by the Republic goons, Sootriman was shot in the back and hasn’t recovered just yet. Awen was hoping she would be available to rally her former guards to the cause and to back with a army. Except now they find that Moldark’s men have already visited Ki Nar Four and have just about killed everyone. So, it looks like Awen and her group are still on their own.

As mentioned, Magnus attempted to meet with Mast So-Elku on Worru. That turned out pretty disastrous since Master Elku is now working for Moldark and wanted to kidnap Piper. Magnus and his small band of troops managed to fight their way off Worru, but in so doing received a telepathic message from Willowood telling him to go to Ki Nar Four. So now we know where Awen and Magnus finally meet up again.

Now the story really takes off. Abimbola and Rohar need to go back to Ooragee and recruit some more men. At the same time, Awen with Magnus, the Novia Minoosh starship Spire, and all the rest of Awen’s group will head back to the Novia galaxy and set up a base camp for future training in preparation of taking care of the bad guys on Ithnor Ithelia. Eventually, this will begin the re-birth of the Gladio Umbra.

With what has taken place in this book, I’m super excited about the next book, “Void Horizon” which is already available on Amazon.

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