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“Path of Tyrants”


Path of Tyrants

This story is a little different. Peacemaker Van Tudor and his crew of the *Fafnir* have been fighting the bad guys for quite some time. They have diligently did their duty to the Guild and humanity. The number of criminals Van Tudor and his people have brought to justice has grown to a noticeable size. Yet, there still exists individuals and organizations that are still in the shadows and must be brought to justice. But, others have begun to recognize that Van Tudor and his crew can’t do it all. They are see the signs that their trials and tribulations are wearing on each one of them. So, Torina’s parents asks for a meeting with Van Tudor and his entire crew.

But first, B. had asked Van and his ship to investigate what appeared to be a derelict ship heading out of the system. He reluctantly agreed since this was one more mystery someone wanted his crew to solve. It could be nothing until it was something. As they approached the ship, they could get no life signs of any kind. So, they needed to board it and find out what was going on. Turns out this was just another attempt to get rid of Van, his crew and his ship! By whom, they don’t know, but that will have to wait for another time.

Torina remembers that she has to contact her Mother and find out what she wants. What she wants is for the FaFnir to meet with her and her Father on their yacht near a place called the Armory, a secret GKU facility overseen by the GKU. There they find out that it’s time for Van Tudor and his crew to take a much, much needed vacation! This is something very surprising to everyone, especially to Van. He believes that he’s been taking a few days off here and there when he felt he and his crew needed some down-time. Yet, the point is that only a day or two at a time isn’t enough, not nearly enough to unwind from the problems they have faced and solved. To cap this request that they take an extended vacation is further endorsed by Master Cataric. He knows that Van has attempted to “unwind” in their martial arts session. But he also knows that Van has been pushing himself far, far too much and too long. He fully endorses this long vacation concept.

So, where do they are go or do they all go their separate ways and reconvene at a later date? Nope, it just so happens that Mother Hen, who runs the Armory, wants the crew of the Fafnir to go on an extend cruise. This “cruise” will take them far, far beyond known space to a supposed location of a secret GKU lab. Why this lab is so far away from know space isn’t a mystery. They are conducting experiments that could definitely blow them and everything within the labs purview to bits! So, yeah, they are out there on their own. But someone needs to checkup on them to make sure they are actually still in existence. The lab isn’t necessarily stationary, but is somewhat mobile so they currently only have a general idea of its location and they haven’t heard from it in over a year!

So, how far will they have to go. Well, they can’t make it in one twist. That would require an enormous amount of antimatter and that’s just not feasible. But, they can make it in about sixteen twists which should take them about sixty-two days! So, Van realizes what they are saying is he and his crew will be aboard the *Fafnir* for over two months with just themselves no external contact whatsoever! Two months with Icky, Funboy, Gabby, and Rab. He obviously wouldn’t have a problem being with Tornia for two months or even his whole life, but could he put up with the others and could they put up with him for that long? Well, the SussBrid, the Guild’s master shrink says they’ll be able to do it because of their already strong relationships as a crew. Surprisingly, everyone of Van’s crew agrees to the trip!

So, they provision up with about everything they can think of using the resources of the Milton’s yacht and those of the Armory. The Fafnir is stuffed full, but thanks to Gabby’s organizational skills, they should have everything they need. Except antimatter might be a problem. There are some strategically placed refueling stations on the way are not far off their path, but once those stations are drained there won’t be more. And considering they might get to the vicinity of where the lab is supposed to be and find nothing but dust, will they have enough antimatter to get back home? Yeah, it’s a risk, but Natty and Natty-P have figured they can make it out and back.

So, off they go on a new adventure. For Van it’s strange not to be thinking of the problems he has faced within known space that haven’t been resolved yet. But, he finally understands those are not his problems for now. It’s kind of nice to not to be worried about those things for while. Unfortunately, Van realizes he’s going to be facing a lot more troubles when he gets into deep, deep unknown space. An emptiness so vast it’s hard to comprehend.

This book didn’t explain nor finish with this particular mission. I know there’s more to come in book 14, “Shattered Will”, available on Amazon now.

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