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“Renegade Earth”


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Renegade Earth

We’re now back aboard the Titan, the moon-size starship which left Earth eons ago and was found by Jace Hughes and his crew of the Renegade Star. They had just defeated Hephaestus, the Cognitive in charge of Earth’s defense network and drone factories. It had cost them a lot of lives and equipment. The lives couldn’t be replaced, but the equipment had to be repaired. Their journey to find Earth was almost, but not quite complete. They also found a Union scout ship still trailing them.

The original plan was to head straight for Earth and see what they would find. But with the Union scout following not far behind, the crew decided it wouldn’t be good to lead the Union straight to Earth. So, they looked at their long-range scans in an attempt to find a system that might give the appearance of Earth, but not be Earth. They soon found one. So that’s where they headed. You’ll read about their plan to fight the Union and how they would like to split the forces of General Brigham. Jace also comes up with a “bag and grab” idea that involves the very same person I just wrote about. Unfortunately, nothing ever goes as planned!

Sigmond plays a significant role in this book. He’s now a full-fledge Cognitive and he appears just as I had imagined him. He does seem a little British and has a very formal way of speaking, but that just makes him Sigmond all the more.

If this book review seems short it’s because it is! There is only one scene taking place and that’s the fight with the Union. I don’t want to give everything away so you get a shorter review than normal. Sorry about that!

I will say that Jace Hughes and his crew do reach Earth. What it looks like isn’t what they expected, but they are there so that’s where the next book will start. According to the author, the next title is “Renegade Dawn” and it should be out in July 2018. I have looked on Amazon as of 7 July 2018 and it’s not yet available. Should be out soon.

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