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“Renegade Fleet”


5 Small Stars
Renegade Fleet

This is one of the better sci-fi series out there. The original story has changed a lot since it began. Jace Hughes was a young guy who wanted to do something more exciting that what his current future seemed to hold. So, he wanted to become a “Renegade” or, as more commonly referred to by the authorities, an outlaw! He made some interesting decisions early on that got him a ship, the Renegade Star, and a lot of debt. He had to do a lot of not so legal things to begin paying off his debt while at the same time, trying to stay away from the authorities.

Now Jace Hughes is not a bad guy. He thinks he is and can use some awful language at the most inappropriate times, but deep down, he’s a good guy. When he was sent on a job to transport a Nun and a little girl from one planet to another, he shouldn’t have cared what he was transporting. Still, he knew he had taken aboard a Nun and her cargo while under gunfire from the local authorities. As soon as he got into space, the Union military was after him. So, he demanded the Nun tell him what she was smuggling so he could decide whether it was worth his life and his ship. That’s where the little girl comes into play. She was in a stasis container which Jace opened and the girl flopped out. This girl was an albino with some very strange tattoos or markings on her body.

Being a good guy, Jace wasn’t about to let this little girl fall into the hands of the Union military nor any other bad guys. So, he started a long journey that resulted in him killing the guy he owed a huge debt to and now he’s wanted by everyone and everything in Union Space. Even a few alien civilizations now also want him and his cargo. It seems this little girl is the key to finding Earth.

So, the Renegade Star has been on quite an adventure since the very first book. It and the Titanic, an extremely intelligent spaceship the size of a small moon, have come together to find Earth. They have also found during their travels, a lost colony of humans that also have long ago came from Earth. These people have the same tattoos and markings as does the little girl, Lex.

You do need to start reading this series from the beginning. Jace Hughes has gone from just him and his ship to now an entire colony of people, a giant moon-sized ship and a quest to find Earth. They are just about there only to find out that Earth has a huge defensive network controlled and maintained by a very advanced artificial intelligence, a Cognitive, who seems to have become deranged. They must get through this defense network to finally get to Earth, but how are they supposed to do so when this deranged entity keeps building huge drones that block their path.

Lots of exciting adventures with a lot of space fighting. Jace is the leader of quite a band of people, whether he wants to admit it or not. He just can’t stop himself from helping people even though he’ll complain and yell about doing it all the way. It’s good that he has some very tolerant friends now and he certainly has a friend in little Lex.

I can’t wait to get into the next book.

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