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“Renegade Lost”


5 Small Stars
Renegade Lost

This is a very interesting series. I didn’t know this fourth book was going to be available so soon, but when I found it on Amazon, I readily scarfed it up! It continues a very interesting story. If you’ll remember, Jace Hughes is a self-made bad guy, a Renegade by trade, or, at least that’s what he thinks he is. In the first couple of books, his life changed for ever when he took on a contract to transport a nun and a little girl to a colony planet. Turns out the Nun. Abigail, wasn’t really a Nun and the little girl, Lex, was something very special. She was so special, the Union wanted her back. Abigail had kidnapped Lex from a secret Union research facility and they didn’t like that one bit.

Jace tries his best to make out like he’s the really tough bad guy, but he has trouble pulling it off when he’s around the people he likes. He’s now formed a considerable crew aboard the Renegade Star. Unfortunately, the Renegade Star has left behind some terrible enemies. They are not only wanted by the Union, but the Sarkonians are now on their tail since a bounty was declared by the Union.

Ok, so the last time we left the Renegade Star it has been separated from the Titan during their latest battle with the Union. The Renegade Star has fallen through a slipspace tunnel tear and was somewhere in unknown space. Fortunately, there was a planet nearby although it appeared to be only a snow and ice covered dirt ball. Still, the Renegade Star needed to find a place to hid for awhile while waiting for the Titan to find them. Little did they know that the planet they had found wasn’t as bleak and barren as they believed.

As you’ll remember, Jace and his crew are now out seeking the planet Earth. Earth has drifted into the far, far distant histories of the known galaxy. So far so, that most people alive in this age don’t even believe Earth really exists if it ever did. They believe it was some fairy-tale planet oldsters made up as a fantasy for telling children stories. Still, Jace and his crew have found more and more evidence that their might be something true about these stories of Earth. With all the bad guys on his tail, he has no choice but to keep running somewhere so in search of Earth seems like a pretty good goal. Now he’s about to get even some more proof of Earth’s existence and he’ll have a very difficult decision to make about what he finds on this cold and desolate planet.

I read this book pretty fast which means it’s written very well. I like the characters that have developed and although we don’t read much about the majority of the Renegade Star’s crew since they were left on the Titan, we do get some good background on Jace. He and Abigail seem to be getting on very well. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

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