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“Ships of the Line”


Ships of the Line

Well this book is mostly about the administrative stuff behind all the fighting. Admiral Jack Romanoff and his widely spread staff are busy working to recover from their most recent conflicts with the Novarites and Tardans.They have captured a number of Novarite colony ships full of civilians. The Tardan colony ships have been pretty much dealt with since they have been sent off to a planet that is most suitable to their species. Meanwhile, Admiral Romanoff must find a place for these Novarite civilians to live. They have similar requirements as humans so it would have been nice if an uninhabited planet in the current system was available.

But, that’s not the case. So, Jack has decided to attempt to settle them on New Copenhagen. That world had been devastated by the Locus and Novarite invasion and were desperately trying to recover their society. But, they did have an entire continent that was sparsely or uninhabited which would be fine for the Novarites. He just had to make it happen. Of course this wasn’t going to be easy. Who wanted a huge contingent of your enemy dumped on your planet. Still, these Novarites were not the military and they weren’t the ones that caused the destruction. Most all of them were stored away sleeping in their stasis-chambers unaware of what their military faction was doing. Yet, the Novarite civilians can be hard-noised and difficult to work with, but they knew they had no choice but to accept what Romanoff could arrange for them and knew they had to work things out. Now Jack just had to convince the Confederation Council that his plane was the best solution. That wasn’t going to be easy.

Meanwhile, Admiral Eric Romanoff has just shown up at Argent. He had managed to escape through the wormhole gate that India MacKinnon has setup from Confederation HQ. His ship was battered to heck and barely able to move, yet when he got through the first gate, there was a freighter waiting just incase something like this happened. It took the Admiral’s ship close-in so that it could share in the jump drive back to Argent. To say Jack Romanoff was surprised to see his father was an understatement. He was also a little wary that his father might try to step in and take command of the war which he didn’t think would be a wise move. So, that’s another problem he’s facing and must work out.

Then Lisa Gain found some more interesting tech that Patrick had left for her and her associates. This involved a learning tool that feed skills right into the brain of the person wearing the device. Through it, one could learn the Novarite or Tardan language overnight. It also included tapes for the “kingdom” language or the language of Patrick’s people. Lisa set about learning all these languages although she knew most of them already. Soon she was able to pass these tapes and the device to Professor Prescott and he began to learn these languages also. But, that’s not all Patrick left. For deep in the bottom of the defense building they were using as a research center, Patrick had built and amazing complex with assembly lines setup and ready to manufacture all of the new devices he had revealed to Lisa. To say that was mind-boggling was an understatement. Then to top it off, Lisa found out he had left her, personally, an underground private apartment with a hanger which house a secret starship for her exclusive use! Lisa didn’t even know how to fly, yet there were tapes left to provide her with those skills. She had a lot of work and she was going to definitely need the help of Professor Prescott and probably his friend, Christine.

So, there’s a lot going on with this book, but not much fighting until the very end. Surprisingly, this will involve some civilian interaction that kind of saves the day, but now Admiral Romanoff has a lot more to worry about since a lot more Novarites have just shown up. He still needs to free the rest of this system from the Locust and hopefully, Lisa might have figured out a way.

The next book, “[Operation Liberty](”, sounds like Jack and the rest are definitely going back to war.

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