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“Shots Fired”


5 Small Stars
Shots Fired

The Leviathan was back from it’s mission to harrass an orbital ship factory over the Kingdoms captial. She was temporarily commanded by Commander Victoria Serling while Captain Warren Miller was off doing a commando raid on the Consul’s hideout capturing Lord Holten. Why a starship Captain every went on this mission is beyond understanding. To top it off, Queen Avania was also part of this commando raid which is total idiotic. But, they did succeed without a terrible lose of friendly troops. The Leviathan was also successful in it’s attack althought it would need some repairs once back to the hideout.

Now we turn to Earth. Phoenix Rising is on the move. They now intend to attack the Space Command HQ and completely wipe it from existance. Their plan is to get someone into the reactor room, plant some bombs and blow everything to heck. They almost accomplish that. Nigel, the geek, and Marci , the FBI Agent, thought they were on the trail of Phoenix himself only to fall to a trap. This trap drew a large amount of the soldiers away from the HQ just when the Phoenix terrorist began their attack. Fight was fierce and the HQ didn’t have enough assets to defeat the attack. That is a very good story line.

Then back with the rebels. The Kingdom has decided to attack the Gallen civilization as they were known to have helped the rebels or even began the revolution. So now, the rebels have to mount a counter-attack to save the Gallens. Turns out there’s quite a lot of space combat in the latter portion of the book. You’ll find it interesting to see who wins.

Another good book in this storyline. I think book 10 is about to be the end of the series, but I’ll only know for sure when I read it.

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