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“Enemy Contact”


4 Small Stars
Enemy Contact

Not a bad second book to this series. Again we’re involved with a bunch of earth scientist who got stuck on an alien spaceship that was visiting the moon. Now they have taken over the humongous alien spaceship and have found other aliens living in various rings of the ship. It seems that the earthmen and women are the brains of the bunch especially after finding and using the neural nets that the previous alien occupiers of this spaceship had developed and used. Those original aliens are all long dead now but their neural network is still functional as is everything else on this monstrous ship.

We have found allies in one group of aliens who are very much in favor of getting back to their own world and avenging it’s loss. They would like nothing more than to destroy those who took their home world and re-establish themselves as they were before. Unfortunately, the bad guys in this book are all machines. They don’t care about flesh and blood humanoids much and would just as soon see them all dead.

But our group of scientist, led by a natural born leader, a archeologist, have figured ways to take control of not only this gigantic mothership, but how to build and repair other ships. So, they build their own fleet and start harassing the machine empire. Their plan is to try and make the machines so dislike humans that they will decided to leave this part of space and not comeback.

The story line isn’t too bad. It has some good action and it’s easy to read. One spoiled rotten teenager does decide she is smarter than all the other adults and decides to take things in her own hands. She convinces a group of aliens that she’s a God which was exactly what they were looking for and then gets them all destroyed.

Good reading. You’ll like this if you like science-fiction.

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