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“Final Contact”


4 Small Stars
Final Contact

Great Series and a Great Finish! 4 of 5 Stars

Well, it’s finally finished. Initially I thought this series was going to be pretty silly. Some people on the Moon getting involved in a alien mining operation, falling into one of their ships and then finding a whole galaxy and more, slowly being taken over by, uh, computers! I mean, who in their right mind could actually say we’re going to just take over this enormous ship, build our own android army, build a fleet, conquer a couple of planets and then head back to Earth? I guess you can do anything in a science fiction story.

And a very good story it was. Space is vast and to be flying around in a warp-like ship could be a lot of fun if you knew what you were doing. It’s a good thing that at least one of the civilians turned out to be a decent leader. I wonder if he would have lasted with out the neural net that let him communicate so quickly with others. And that was probably the secret to his and the Defiant’s success. Knowing what’s going on before the other guy is a really helpful thing but it does you no good if that knowledge doesn’t get to the right person at the right time. I’m glad the author built this in since I don’t know how this story could have worked, otherwise. I mean, the Defiant was over a hundred miles long, right?

Oh yeah, the ending of the series in this book was perfect. After some 160 years, Jason returns to the same old politically ran, greedy Earth. If you got something neat, then somebody always wants to take it away from you. And the guys making the decisions to fight you for what you got, send some other poor smuck to get killed. Typical politicians. I’m glad Jason stood his ground although I might have told the Unity where to find Earth after the way they treated the Defiant. Wouldn’t be much of a loss since there were only 500 million people on the planet! Sound like another story?

Read the series and read this book. A great way to past your time.

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