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“Mozari Arrival”


5 Small Stars
Mozari Arrival

Well a new author and a new series. I was immediately drawn into this story because I like it when we get to meet the main character before he gets into the military. It’s always interesting to find out how or why they chose this career path instead of just doing what they were doing as a civilian.

Daniel West is not the military type. I doubt he ever even thought of joining the military before he went to college. His parents could afford to send him to Yale for his law degree so why would he even consider a military career. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t get to finish his law degree because that might come in handy latter down the line, but this is all made up anyway, so it probably just doesn’t matter, although it does signal one more think that he didn’t get fully qualified for.

Our story really begins when the Mozari ship shows up in the skies above Earth. It launches one projectile that destroys Sydney completely. It then begins sending a message over every Earth communication channel, “WE ARE THE MOZARI. TRAINING BEGINS NOW”. Of course, the countries of the Earth aren’t going to let an alien starship destroy one of it’s cities without retaliating. So, missiles are launched from the US and China. They are all destroyed very quickly and very easily. Then two more cities, Houston and Shenzhen, China, are obliterated by the Mozari ship. Then another message comes in, “UNITE AND LIVE, FIGHT AND DIE”.

Ok, so back to Daniel West. His best friend is a cop and his ex-wife is a nutcase! With the arrival of the Mozari starship, all the nutcases start coming out of the woodwork as usual. They’re raving about the Mozari being the true god and that humanity should be paying them the respect they deserve. Of course Cody’s ex-wife has fallen for this idiotic garbage which is fine, except she has Cody’s young daughter. The followers of the Mozari form their own church with a very large church established in Boston. That’s where Jill has taken Chloe. Now this Church of the Mozari is led by a deranged smooth-talker which always seems to be the case. He’s not so innocent in trying to convert others to his way of thinking. The church has turned into a stronghold in the middle of Boston that even the police won’t have anything to do with. So Cody convinces Dan to help him retrieve Chloe because that church definitely isn’t a safe place for a child.

Cody and Dan make good on their rescue. Chloe is safe at Dan’s parents house while Cody is working or she’s with Cody at his apartment. Then things turn worse. Cody gets a draft notice. Everyone that is not over 45 yet, are going to be drafted into the military to help fight what the military believes will be an invasion sooner or later. Cody obviously doesn’t want to go since he has no one to leave Chloe with and certainly doesn’t want his wife getting custody of her.

So, Dan solves his problem by taking Cody’s identification and his draft papers and going to the MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station [Been there, done that] ). Now you would think that the military would catch on to this pretty quickly, but no, this time Dan manages to get himself sent all the way to Army basic training and completes at least one day at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Then he’s caught!

That’s where the real story begins and you won’t believe it. You’ll need to read the rest of the story to find out how Dan West, an almost attorney with absolutely no military background, winds up leading an elite special forces team against a Mozari starship. it’s quite a story, for sure!

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