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5 Small Stars

I read book one back in January of 2019 and didn’t know this second book and I believe a third were already published. This is a good series and a spin-off of sorts from the “Omega Force” series which I also liked very well. In that series, Jason Burke is a human that has happened to acquire a very unique and fast gunship. He’s gotten together a very diverse crew that just happen to be good guy in a very bad galaxy. Jason also happens to be the father of our main character in this series, one Jacob Brown. Born on Earth after one of the infrequent visits by his father, Jacob had been raised by his Grandparents. He had felt that his father abandoned him, but considering that his father was the most wanted man not on Earth, Jacob didn’t want to be known as the son of Earths supposed traitor. So, he changed his last name to Brown.

Now Jacob is grown and out on his own. He intended to join the UE Navy, but was kind of coerced into becoming a Marine and working for Captain Marcus Webb. Captain Webb was a friend of Jason Burke’s and had promised Jason to keep an eye out for his Son. But, keeping an eye on Jacob didn’t actually mean he was supposed to be put in harm’s way. All that took place in the first book. Now Jacob and his Special Ops team is way out on their own awaiting call-back orders. They have lost their commander so the team is short-handed and should be in no-way lead by a young Lieutenant.

Still, as luck would have it, Jason’s team is the only operation team in the area of interest so they have drawn the straw to execute this one last mission. They are to try and find the location of a Victory-class heavy cruiser named the, “Eagle’s Talon”. It is commanded by Captain Edgars, who is now known as another traitor to Earth in that he has taken his ship and joined up with Margaret Jansen’s One World Faction. Jacob’s and his crew’s task is to locate the Eagle’s Talon and report that location back to HQ. The UEN will then send a fleet out to capture the ship, hopefully without much bloodshed or damage. Again, Jacob’s mission is to just report the location of the rouge cruiser.

Now, you and I both know that things are going to happen which cause Jacob’s mission to bloom into something quite more and different. That’s where the fun starts. Oh, it’s not without it’s dangers. The very ship his crew is operating from, the “Boneshaker” is about to fall apart and they’re not sure if they will make it from one planet to another. The Boneshaker is not known as a UEN intel ship so they can just about go any where without being spotted as spies. But, they eventually might need to commandeer another ship to complete their mission. That’s another interesting part of the book. Just where they get that ship and if there will be any repercussions from their act of thievery!

This is a real good story line and not too far fetched. It has some humor and some not so humorous parts. While Jacob is young and inexperienced, he does have some savvy enlisted personnel with him and a not much older pilot. Together they form a pretty potent team, but they do have their troubles. I look forward to the next book in the series.

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