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“Enemy Within”


5 Small Stars
Enemy Within

Another great book in this series. This time we find that the private starship destroyer Dilligent has been attacked and heavily damaged by the Confed Navy. Captain Kellea Colleren, the former Captain in Command of the Dilligent has been brought up on charges and is being held in a supposedly secure location. Her former superior, Crisstof Dalton, was also being held in a far superior prison awaiting trial.

The Omega Force, led by Jason Burke, finds that Captain Colleren has escaped her original captures and is no running loose on the planet Camderan-2. Of course, Jason and the Omega Force are going to rescue her, especially since she and Jason have something going or at least appear to. They also need to find out from her where exactly Crisstof is being held and try to rescue him if possible.

In the process of rescuing both of these individuals, the Omega Force finds themselves in the middle of a ConFed plot to expand their empire. They definitely don’t want the Omega Force to find out what their plans are so the Omega Force now becomes an enemy of the very forces they were previously assisting via Crisstof. The also find them selves doing the impossible with barely logical plans of attack.

I like the humor that is part of each book. The Omega Force team has come together quite a bit since it was first formed. One member is going to come close to being thrown for withholding information that should have been know a long time ago. Still, the team does what needs to be done without using undo force or fanfare. They are what most people would label professionals at their trade.

I’m really glad I found this series and look forward to reading many more books. As this is only the fourth in an eight book series, I have a few more to go. That’s just great. These are my kind of military science fiction books.

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