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“Return of the Archon”


5 Small Stars
Return of the Archon

This is a very entertaining series. I needed something like this after reading some pretty bloody and gory books lately. They were more like science fiction horror than anything else. This book and those in this series are definitely military science fiction and a joy to read. There’s some fighting in space and on the ground, but only when necessary. The Omega Force, which is not necessarily a military outfit, is a collection of like-minded aliens who have set out to help the common being when needed. They try to right some wrongs being forced on people who can’t fight back. These guys are not white knights coming to the rescue, but they will get in and get dirty when needed. They also expect to make money doing what they do and if not from those they help, then from their benefactor, Crisstof Dalton, a very wealthy individual who believes in their cause.

This time they have found out something pretty special about one of the Omega Force. Crusher, a Galvetic Warrior, is a huge alien that has the strength of several men. He stands taller than most men and has a fearsome disposition when riled. Now, he’s also know a Lord Felex Tezakar, the Guardian Archon of Galvetor, although none of the other Omega Force members knew of this until they met with three others of Crusher’s kind who were looking for him. They need the Lord Archon to return to Galvetor to hold off an internal civil war between the warrior class and the others of the gelten race. Still, Crusher or Lord Tezakar, was banished from Galvetor, and told never to return under penalty of death. So, it doesn’t look like he’s going back anytime soon, or does it?

This story has some political intrigue which, fortunately, isn’t really all that detailed or dwelled on. The warrior class feels they’ve been deemed second class citizens and ostricized to their own planet, Restaria, which is almost an exact duplicate of Galvetor. It was felt that the normal non-warrior class of geltens would feel safer if their warriors were off-planet instead of causing problems on the homeworld. Anyway, Crusher’s new found background could mean the end of his membership in Omega Force. If he returns to where he was born and raised and to the position for which he was groomed all his life, that will leave the Omega Team without a significant hole in their ranks, or will it?

The story is written really well. I like they way the characters have been created and while we don’t know everything about each one, we’re learning more and more during each book. The team finds itself severely challenged when two of it’s lesser capable members are captured by unknown aliens and subjected to some unreasonable torture. One is near death and the other is likely to follow if they are not found and rescued. The only problem is that the Phoenix, the Omega Force’s ship, was also captured. Several things going on in this book and they are all not all brought to a complete conclusion.

I’ve already bought the next book, “Omega Force: Secret of the Phoenix (Omega Force, Book Six)” and I know there is already a seventh and eighth book out there. Such great reading, it is hard not to buy all of them at once.

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