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5 Small Stars

It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book in this series. I had picked up one recently only to realize it was book 16 and I had left off at book 12, so I have a lot of reading to do!

The Empire, ruled by Emperor Sean Ogden Lee Romanov continues to go on. it seems like it has gone on forever and I’m sure that’s more so for the military involved on both sides. The Empire is fighting the Cas’cadasans and are steadily pushing them back out of Empire territory. Now Sean wants to take the war to the Cas’cadasans and show them what it feels like to have their own worlds under devastating attack. The only problem with this is that the Cas’cadas use slaves to do most of their manual labor. So, worlds conquered by the Cas’cadas are still populated by their native inhabitants but now under the Master Cas’adas. Rule by Cas’cadasans is harsh since no alien race is considered equal to the Cas’cadasans.

Sean will have to walk a fine line between killing Cas’cadasans on a planet and wiping out the indigenous species. He prefers to start guerrilla operations getting the local native population to rise up against the Cas’cadasans and retake their own planet. He knows this will result in a lot of native deaths, but it’s preferred over just bombing a planet into oblivion from space.

Sean has also sent out a secret mission to hit at the very heart of the Cas’cadan empire. While they have already devastated his own capital world which is just now recovering, he wants payback and he needs to show his people that they can strike deep into Cas’cadan territory the same as they did to the Empire. Whether this secret mission works or not is something you’ll have to read about.

All the characters from the preious twelve books are still here, surprisingly none of the main characters have been killed in this war, yet! The only annoying thing about this series right now is that the author has gotten deep into the accounting business when it comes to missiles and ships. I don’t think we really need to know the exact number of missiles fired at each small squadron and how many missiles they fired back. Just focus on the results and that should be enough.

Still, this is a good reading series and, as I said, I already have a bunch more books in this series to read now.

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