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“The Shield”


5 Small Stars
The Shield

I think I finally caught up in this series. When I previously stopped it was at book twelve not knowing at the time that more books were soon coming. When I did get back to it, I found book 16 and knew instantly that I had missed something. So, I’ve been back to all the others and now I’m caught up and the war with the Cas’cadans is still not over!

The Humans are pushing further into Cas’ca territory much to the anger of their young idiot emperor. He has almost killed all of his leading Admirals and only has a few left one of which is on the second front trying to finish off the Nation of New Earth and the Human Empire off so his assets can be focused on the real battle on the first front. This Cas’cadan Great Admiral happens to be one of their more brilliant ones and he’s been fighing a pretty smart battle against Admiral Beata Bednarczyk. But, he knows that just because his emperor tells him to destroy this enemy doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. He’s found out that Admiral Bednarczyk is just as smart and wily as he is and she has a few more assets that he doesn’t have access to. See, Admiral Bednarczyk has access to the Donut back in Empire space.

Now how does that help her? Well, that would kind of tell you the whole story wouldn’t it. Let’s just say, that even with her secret assets, it’s still going to be a tough battle. The only thing that might save the day is that the Cas’ca emperor might just withdraw his brilliant Admiral for not getting the job done on time and that might be what makes the battle go in favor of the humans. I said, “might”!

Still, there is a development at the end of the book that might have some very significant impact or the rest of the war. What kind of impact will just have to be read about, I’m afraid! Good story and some very intense battles going on. I don’t even try to keep up with all the ship movements during these battles. When you start counting a million missiles coming toward you, that’s when I lose everything!

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