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“Beyond Armageddon”


5 Small Stars
Beyond Armageddon

Outstanding! Best book l’ve read in a long while. Great story telling. Very interesting characters and great depiction of the action. This is one you will have trouble putting down.

I don’t want to give anything away, but the story line is just excellent! The author has a great way of telling a story. He tells it like an adult with reactions that are adult. You don’t want to associate with the main character at first because he’s just like most people, he’s ordinary. But he has some very interesting talents that don’t show up until he really gets challenged. And boy does he get challenged!

The author, Mr. DeCosmo, has an outstanding imagination. I haven’t read many books lately with such wild scenery and characters. I just love the way the lead character, Stone, builds his first Army. Who would have thought of this. Read this book to find out what I’m talking ABOUT!

I’ve actually already read the second book by now. I just can’t put them down. Great military science fiction with out a bunch of geewhiz stuff (although there is plenty of that in these books)!

This series is the reason I have a Kindle Fire or any other Kindle!

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