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5 Small Stars

Well, what a horrible book! No, not in that it’s a bad read, it’s just that the author takes our hero and turns him into a monster that I really, really didn’t like. The story takes a twist that moves Trevor Stone to an alternate universe where he changes for the worse. He’s there because he stupidly let his heart lead him into a trap. For a guy that is supposed to have a lot of smarts, he certainly sets that aside in this book. I should warn readers that his book gets pretty nasty. The language gets rough and the action is just as rough now with the introduction of some raw sexual encounters.

Trevor Stone is let lose to do whatever he desires and he finds that he has a heart as black a night. He is just a shade this side of sadistic and shows a lot of cruelty in this book. I had trouble reading this book in that I was so mad at the main character and his actions. Remember, he has left his own Earth and is without his usual support group. Even his best friend doesn’t help much although he certainly tried. I was waiting for this book to end. I wanted Trevor out of this situation and done with it. For a book to cause a reader such emotional reactions, the writing must be very good. I’m on to the fourth and apparently final book in the series. I hope it ends well.

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