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4 Small Stars

Ok, the story wasn’t bad, but it’s not a national best seller either. It’s a pretty basic terrorist book that comes up with a unique way to kill millions of people. The writing is kind of predictable. We have two main people initially, David and Dana, both are successful and have a lot going for them. Dave owns an advanced scientific-type company that’s into nano machinery and how nano particles may be able to help humans in medicine and many other areas of research and development. He has ties with Homeland Security Agency and with the CIA. Dana, is a part-time reporter for the American Broadcasting Company.

So, the story-line gets setup right at the beginning with the information about Davids line of work. This is going to have something to do with nano technology. And sure enough we find a seriously demented Middle Eastern man living in Tehran who is a devout Muslim and bent and destroying America. This crazy terrorist in Tehran has developed a toxin that can be delivered via water and then goes away after 24 hours. He sends out one of his bad guys who dumps this toxin into the only water well of this small village in Yemen. It kills nearly everyone in the village in a very short time. Strangely, all these women and children killed in the village were also devout Muslims. But, this was just a test, and well, someone has to die when you have to test your toxin and you don’t bother trying it out on those who you should be killing in the first place.

Anyway, David is called in to help the Homeland Security Agency and the CIA to find out what this toxin is and how to neutralize it before it does hit America. Now, to complicate things, his stupid wife goes to investigate the second site where the toxin is tested, in Germany, and she gets kidnapped by the terrorist. She’s on her way to Tehran. You can imagine what for. This was so predictable. She also must be the dumbest news reporter ever sent to do a job. Read the book and I’m sure you’ll have to agree.

I didn’t mind reading the book although I did get very, very tired of reading “Dave” in every sentence. I know he’s in a lot of scenes, but his name came up way to often. I think the author would have been better off just living his name as David and trying to identify him other ways. Also, I think it’s pretty far fetched that some of the professionals, i.e., intel-types, agents, CIA, FBI, would have never, ever given a civilian a gun and said, “Follow us while we go shoot the bad guys.” That ain’t going to happen.

I do hope that the intelligence and the professional guys that were portrayed in this book as very competent are in fact that good at what they do. I think this story is a little too small of a plot that could transpire in the very near future, but on a much grander scale. In that light, I hope this book doesn’t give anybody ideas.

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