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“The Supremacy”


The Supremacy

The new Combat Team 1, or “CT-1” as Captain Habraum Nwosu usually called them, was ready for another mission. Since thier successful encounter with Malestrom in the last book, they had trained hard to overcome their obvious shortcomings in that last encounter. They now appeared to be a fully trained and ready combat team which Captain Nwosu was proud to lead.

Unfortunately, the team wasn’t going to stay together as it was very long. His current Second-in-Command, Captain Samatha D’Urso was soon scheduled to leave CT-1 and form her own combat team, CT-2. This was a long awaited promotion that didn’t come every day. She obviously couldn’t pass up this opportunity and no one expected her to do that. So, on this next mission, Captain Nwosu’s new Second-in-Command would be Commander Tyris Iecen, a very capable Tanoeen, who had been with Habraum since his return to Star Brigade. Nwosu didn’t feel that his team would perform any less capable with his new Second, but it just wouldn’t feel right. All these Star Brigade team members were maximums. That meant they had some physical talent far beyond moral beings, even if they were aliens. Each power that had seemed unlimited even to the point of enabling some of them to fly. So, when a Star Brigade Combat Team was sent on a mission, it was usually against a threat that could effect then entire galaxy. So far, they had been able to contain such threats. So far….

This book has a lot of front loaded story. It’s somewhat political, setting up two factions on the planet Faroor. This planet isn’t among the most valuable, yet it does seem to be a very important trade hub for the galaxy. It has to main inhabitants, the Farooqua, natives to the planet and some what primitive, and the Ttaunz, a transplanted race that once had its own empire. The Ttaunz were thoroughly defeated, their empire destroyed and the reaming members of that race exiled to one side of planet Faroor while the Farooqua stayed on the other side. The two had limited trade since the Farooqua spoke only with kineticabulary, which literally means they spoke through body language, I think. Oh, some could speak Standard, but it was supposed to be a rare ability among the Farooqua, similar to a dog speaking English!

So, as you probably can see from the setup on Faroor, the Ttaunz were used to conquest. They weren’t going to stay on their side of the planet any more than a marble won’t roll down a hill. They were slowly taking more and more Farooqua land and just killing the native inhabitants. That is until this Farooqua nameed Ghj’aega showed up. This guy is bad news. He’s very powerful although know one really knows where his power comes from. He can control the sky, causing lightening, and the earth, causing earthquakes. He has the power to teleport himself and his followers just about anywhere he wants and his location cannot be tracked. He is now the mission assigned to CT-1. They have been given direct orders to terminate Ghi’aega at all cost. And it will cost a lot, a very lot. Ghi’aega cannot be killed!

The story is interesting once it gets going. All that prelude is really nice but I don’t think much of it was necessary. Even CT-1 is involved in some other minor mission before the real one starts. I don’t know why, but it seemed like a short-story inside a long story. The author continues his aggravating us of unpronounceable names. I doubt there is an apostrophe left on his computer. Just about every name in this story has an apostrophe in it some where. It is most frustrating to have to stop in the middle of a sentence just to attempt to read someone or somethings name. And believe me, there are a lot of characters introduced into this book and every one has a weird name. Even Samantha’s name shortened to Sam is a problem if you have to use her last name, D’Urso. I will enjoy reading my next book with names like John, Tony, Bob, Sue, Peggy or similar. Making names hard to pronounce doesn’t led to making a book any more realistic. It’s just frustrating to the reader and absolutely unnecessary. I mean, “Darth Vader” is a really cool name for a really bad guy. Get the point?

Ok, so we finally get into the meat of the book and the Star Brigade team is really put to the test. They are all going to have to use their abilities to the maximum if they have any hope of taking down Ghi’aega. Hopefully none of them are killed, but this guy is really powerful and some of the Star Brigaders don’t have near enough capabilities to overcome his powers. It will take a team effort if they team can survive. In the end, we do lose a few team members. That’s all I’m going to say about that. It didn’t need to happen and probably shouldn’t have happened, but it did. I’m not a fan of the ending. In fact, I’m not necessarily a fan of the Star Brigade. The stories just seem kind of tedious and hard to get through. I just don’t know if I’ll read the follow-on books. I’m just really put off by the terrible names used in all of these books.

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