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“Beyond Atlantis”


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Beyond Atlantis

Well, this series has certainly gotten carried away. Starting out as a unknown archeologist, Kaden Jaxx, was kidnapped by a former Secret Space Program Colonel named Slade. He was then kind of forced to start deciphering the glyphs on some ancient stones that were part of pyramids. Turns out these pyramids were on Callisto, a moon of Jupiter. This lead to the discovery that Callisto wasn’t barren, as thought, but the home to a long lost race of people called the Atlantans. They had powers derived from the pyramids that allowed them to build some wonderful cities on Callisto. But, the Atlantans were also peaceful people not used to war.

Anyway, Jaxx finds that he’s actually a descendant of these Atlantans with their DNA and has a power within him that makes him a formidable human. He was also once part of the Secret Space Program (I just can’t get over how lame that sounds) and a hotshot pilot, a star-fighter pilot. Except now he doesn’t remember any of this and doesn’t know why anyone would want him to decipher glyphs on pyramids on Callisto. The strange thing is, Jaxx’s name is also written all over these pyramids.

Jaxx has now found his way to Callisto, met the Atlantans and opened an interdimensional doorway that has allowed “negative” aliens into this dimension. They are systematically destroying everything they can include Earth. One group of aliens, the Kelhoon, had a particular unsavory taste for humans and especially human children. With the help of Colonel Slade and President Craig Martelle, they were rounding up large groups of Earth children and transporting them to Callisto for the Kelhoon. Yeah, this is a pretty despicable thing to do, but Martelle is, unfortunately, a career politician and always looking for ways to make money off of people. So, he and Colonel Slade had agreed to sell humans, including children, to the Kelhoon for a price. The children were currently being kept in huge warehouses on Callisto.

As mentioned before, Jaxx, is responsible for the Kelhoon and now the Agadon, a race of part machine/part human bent on conquering everyone and everything in this dimension. It is up to Jaxx to close the doorway, he accidentally opened the wrong way. Jaxx had better do it soon because most of the Atlantans are already dead or soon will be and humanity on Earth is just about done in. There is an ancient Atlantan prophecy that says Jaxx is the one to close the doorway which leads to everlasting peace in this dimension. But, it also infers that Jaxx might die in the attempt. So, does he really want to give up his life for an old fable that might be true or not? Someone has to do something or there won’t be anything or anyone left but the bad guys.

While the story does seem to end here, there is a fifth book coming titled, “Enigma Atlantis”.

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