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“Colony Atlantis”


5 Small Stars
Colony Atlantis

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Ok, this one is getting a little crazy. I understand space combat and fighting aliens. Most sci-fi books have those things. They also have large, thunderous mechanized fighting machines that look like Transformers™ which someone, usually a human, will jump in and go to war with. Well, this story was going along just fine with Kaden Jaxx as a super sharp starship pilot; then he met the Leonean’s or creatures that looked like giant Lions! They pitched him in one of their giant mechs after giving him some kind of super brain training instruction on how to operate the thing. He was then told to go fight the Agadon which he had released into this dimension!

Yes, when Jaxx thought he was giving his live to save the Atlantans and the Taiyo, but no, he accidentally opened a dimensional rift that let in negative aliens called the Agadon. They were currently overwhelming the planet Leonean and that’s where the pyramid transport system took him. So, he finds himself in an instant war with aliens he didn’t even know existed. He fights very well in the giant mech until it gets destroyed. He was able to eject, but did so in deep space far from any reasonable rescue.

Yet, he does get rescued. Now the Agadon are attacking and destroying Tayio, but Kaden Jaxx is being told by everyone that he must return to Callisto and fulfill his destiny. He must fixed the tear he caused and do what he was originally supposed to do. Actually, it wasn’t his fault that things didn’t go right. Everyone forgot that Captain Bogle should have been with them when Jaxx “transcended” in the Callisto pyramid. She wasn’t there so that some how threw everything off. Now, Rivkah and Fox were out looking for Bogle right in the middle of the Kelhoon invasion. Katherine Bogle has gone a little bonkers, but has to be brought back into the fold so Jaxx can get whatever he’s supposed to do, done right. Getting her back through thousands of Kelhoons isn’t going to be easy nor is Jaxx’s fight with the Agadon going any better. He must break off his fighting and get back through the pyramid transport system to Callisto. If he doesn’t, then even Earth won’t be around much longer The Agadon have just found Earth and are beginning their attack on a planet that has very little in the way of defenses.

Ok, lots of action which I don’t mind, but the use of giant swords to destroy starfighters is stretching it a little. Don’t know why these mechs where thrown in when they don’t really fit in with the rest of the story. And, this story isn’t over yet. Book 4, “Beyond Atlantis” is out and I think I’ll continue reading the series. Maybe!

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