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Dove Sequence

This review is a little hard for me to write. I don’t think I fully understood what this was all about. It seems very confusing. The characters are all the same as in book 1 with Jackson (Jack) Stone and Dr. Alabama Wren as two highly skilled Polaris agents. They are usually accompanied by Cormac Gifford, also an agent, but usually charged with procuring stuff or driving/flying a vehicles they may need. They have been in pursuit of a guy named
Hunter Flynn who was an Eclipse agent.

Polaris and Eclipse are private corporations that have set themselves about the law. In Polaris’ case, they are out to protect humanity from anything that threatens it. Eclipse, on the other hand, seems to want to shape the world into what their version of it should be and that’s not necessarily good for mankind. Then there seems to be an alien presence in some of this story. Last book, our two agents were to takedown and destroy a huge flying disk thought to be operated by Flynn for Eclipse. That proved partially true but they didn’t actually succeed in getting it away from Flynn. But that’s all a past story.

In this book, it seems that Flynn has left the Eclipse organization and has started out on his own. He’s found or met a guy that goes by the name of Farzin Mahdavi code named Cyrus, who Flynn has ordered to find and collect by any means spheres of possible alien origin. Whether or not these spheres are truly alien isn’t something I can confirm although I think they are. Still, Stone and Wren are trying to chase this guy down and stop his collection of these spheres. They also want to know what these spheres can do or what they are for. They do know that when Dr. Wren is close to one, it really messes with her empathic abilities.

Now here’s were all this gets confusing. Flynn has met up with Stone and Wren and wants them to take his daughter Marissa with them to protect her from Cyrus, I think. Only there’s something about Marissa that neither Stone nor Wren know about. Lastly, we also get to meet a Dr. Nafret Acharya who seems part Egyptian and Indian. I’m not sure why she gets into the picture, but she does. So, these four are off on a strange mission to acquire these mysterious spheres and keep Cyrus from controlling them at all cost.

Our journey has some strange twist. One of which takes us back in time, yes, we time-travel to Egypt and meet the ancient Pharaoh Akhenaten. Now this is the hard part. Pronouncing some of the names of things related to Egypt totally loses me. You’ll need to figure out what nekhakha means as well as heka. Good luck.

While this story was confusing, it was also exciting. Since there is a book three, “Lotus Game”, I let you know that Stone and Wren survive, but barely. I’m not really sure the rest of our civilization did. That’s where I’m also confused.

I’m going to take a break from this series and read something else before going back to the last book. Hope you enjoy this one.

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