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“Horizon Protocol”


Horizon Protocol

I had no idea what this set of books would be about. Still, the set of three books seemed interesting and they are science fiction books only more like investigative/detective books. This first one seemed very long, but it was very exciting so I’m going to continue reading probably the next two books straight. There are some very interesting concepts in the story. One in particular isn’t really that clearly explained, but it makes for some strange situations.

Jackson Stone is our main character, but he doesn’t like to be called “Jack”. He works as an analyst investigating paranormal stuff, some UFO debunking and other kinds of mysteries. He’s pretty good at what he does although he had a recent set-back from which he’s just recovering. You’ll read the Jackson was recently involved in a plane crash that took the life of his new bride, Nicki, and also resulted in him getting a new heart. This was all at the expense of Polaris, an investigative agency without national or international boundaries. Field operatives of Polaris could be said to be spies, but most were just out to do their jobs of ensure the American way of life continued for everyone. Field operatives reported to Director Hill and only to him. Jackson Stone wasn’t normally concerned with this, yet he was now in the office of Direct Hill and just formed that he had been promoted to Field Agent and he had a mission.

He was also told that he had a partner. Her name was Dr. Alabama Wren and she had been a Field Agent for a long time although she was still about Stone’s age. Jack didn’t know if he was physically up to the job of being a field operative. Oh, he’d passed all sorts of physicals and had demonstrated his fitness many times since he obtained his new heart. He was still taking pills to prevent his body from rejecting his new heart, but no one felt that was a problem, although Director Hill told Stone not to mention those pills or his heart to his new partner.

Stone didn’t like starting out with secrets from his new partner Alabama Wren, but he soon found out she had secrets of her own. They had been assigned to a Project Horizon mission. It required them to fly to Hillsboro, Oregon and from there investigate the mysterious death and disappearance of nine teenagers around Mount Hood. The were to be FBI special agents and had the badges to show for it. The FBI was already on the scene so it would take both Wren and Stone to use their training to convincingly act like FBI Agents. This kind of role playing was not unusual for Polaris operatives. They assumed whatever role the mission took and had the backing of the entire Polaris organization backing them when background checks came in to play.

The only problem with the mission for Stone was the flying part. Because of the plane crash and the death of his wife, he had become paranoid of flying. It physically made him ill so much so that he spent most of the flight in the bathroom emptying his stomach. He knew he shouldn’t let this affect him so much, but for right now, it was what it was. Once off the plane, everything went back to normal. He was doing fine during the investigation part until they figured out that someone didn’t want any witnesses or anyone nosing around about this event. Whoever they were, they were going to be deadly serious about the two Field Agents poking their nose into something they shouldn’t.

You’ll read that Project Horizon could be something connected to UFOs or maybe even real aliens come to Earth for whatever reason. But, it was more than that. There was something to do with a huge flying disk, but no one knew if it was an alien object or being controlled by someone on Earth. Whatever it was, it cause madness to those around it and that was good. Stone and Wren had to figure out where this thing came from and more importantly, destroy it before it could possibly start World War III. Tough assignment for your first field mission!

Some of the book is hard to understand because everything happens quickly. Still, the writing is excellent and so far the characters seems real. Jackson Stone is something else. He’s always getting flashbacks of memories that are not his own. Wren, on the other hand, sees something of a lost lover in Stone’s actions that can’t just be a coincidence. Mysterious within mysteries!

I’m going on to book 2, “Dove Sequence” which seems to be just as exciting as this book. There doesn’t appear to be a separate single book for any of the three books in this set. Individual book covers are from Goodreads

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