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5 Small Stars
Project Atlantis

Well, this is a new author to me and a new series. I wasn’t sure what this was going to be about, but the cover made the book look interesting. Overall, it was very interesting and I’m ready to read book two.

Kaden Jaxx is an archeologist researching ancient pyramids in a remote part of South America (I think). He’s a professor of archeology and has published papers that are very controversial in the archeological world. He is expounding a theory that the ancient pyramids are actually power, focusing sources built by the ancient Atlantean’s. They had math and science skills far in advance of even modern day man, but that was all lost when Atlantis was destroyed.

He’s just seen a military helicopter land in his vicinity and a guy name Colonel Slade Roberson approaches him and tells Kaden that he must go with him. He doesn’t actually say where or why, but he’s very insistent so Kaden grabs his bags and heads for the helicopter. Kaden is soon taken to a secret underground facility located somewhere near the island of Grenada. There he is shown some wondrous things that he can barely comprehend. A group of scientist and archeologist like him are studying holographic images of pyramids and they need him to help decipher some of the script writings.

The only thing strange about this secret setup is that the images they were viewing holographically came from a satellite orbiting a moon of Jupiter, Callisto, to be exact. Kaden Jaxx has no idea how they got the photos, but he’s very curious as to how there are pyramids on Callisto that look exactly like the ones on Earth. He doesn’t trust Colonel Slade, but he soon finds out that his feelings towards him were correct. Slade needs Kaden because he seems to be the only archeologist on Earth that can actually read the symbols on the sides of the pyramids.

Then we also find out that something far more sinister is hidden from everyone on Earth. There seems to be a Secret Space Program (SSP) that is well advanced in technology already functioning in space. The members of the SSP are humans and they have been in space for a long time. In fact, Colonel Slade apparently was a member of the SSP and so was Kaden Jaxx, but he cannot remember ever doing anything remotely like that.

So, there are a lot of mysteries that have to be solved in this book. Just who is Kaden Jaxx and why does his name show up on one of the Callisto pyramids. This is going to be one wild read. Some of it makes sense and some doesn’t. Fortunately, book two is already out so I’m heading for it now.

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