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“Knife’s Edge”


Knife's Edge

I read the first two books in this series a long time ago, back in May of 2017, so I had to do some re-reading of my old reviews to see if I could remember what had happened in those first two books. I kind of got the gist of the story, but there seems to be somethings missing. As this story continues in book three, it’s part of a seven book collection which I’m not going to read one after the other. A couple of reasons for that. One is I’m not so crazy about the story as I thought I would be, I don’t want to get bogged down in a series that might not be very interesting and lastly, I have other books I want to read now.

So, this book starts out right after the destruction of planet Liberty. As I recall, this planet was destroyed by Tetron after now Captian Mitchell Williams, commander of the starship Goliath, found out how to destroy it. I’m not sure how all that came about, but the Tetron can control humans via their implants which every human now have, except for Mitch William. His was never effected and he long since turned his off. After the destruction of the planet, Captain Williams thought all his former companions were killed. Lucky for him, that wasn’t true. Admiral Mildred Narayan and a small contingent of her crew had survived and now were aboard the Goliath. As Mitch was more concerned with finding and killing Tetrons, he turned command over to Admiral Narayan and then assumed the rank of Colonel.

The first thing his small band of warriors has to do if find some way to send a message to Earth to warn them of the coming Tetron invasion. Earth humans, just like all humans, have implants they rely on daily to make their lives easier and to operate all the myriad electronic and computer equipment at their disposal. Every human with an implant is on one gigantic network and that’s how the Tetron captures and controls them. Once under Tetron control, they can be made to do things which they would never do on their own.

The only problem with notifying Earth of the pending danger is that they are a long, long way from Earth. It would take them way too long to go there and they can’t beat the Tetron there if it came down to a race. There’s also the problem that Mitch and most of the people with him are wanted criminals for one thing or another with most of their crimes being made up by the Tetron. Mitch doesn’t figure that anyone on Earth would believe him if he sent such a fantastic story to the military HQ.

He needs to find some one who isn’t near Earth and who hasn’t been captured and under Tetron control. He does believe that on high ranking Earth Admiral is already under Tetron control and is setting the rest of humanity up for defeat. The only person he can think of is his brother, Steven, who happens to be an Admiral in the Earth space force and who also has been sent to start a war with the Federation! If they can get a message to him, their just might be a chance to defeat the Tetron, but only if the war doesn’t get started.

Meanwhile, locally, Mitch has to enlist the aid of a notorious criminal named Tio. This guy has a vast criminal network with a HQ on a remote asteroid that has never been found. If they can get his cooperation and use his people and equipment, they might be able to confront the Tetron while trying to save Earth. Then again, they might not.

Pretty good story with a lot going on. Not much fighting, but a lot of flying around. I will probably get back to this story, but not for awhile.

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