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5 Small Stars

This military science fiction book and the whole series would make an absolutely terrific Class B sci-fi movie! I can see it now on Mystery Science Theatre 3000, “The Eye That Ate China!” or something like that. Unfortunately, their only books right now and to their credit, they are pretty darn good books.

Last time we left the series, the combined galactic races, that we know of, had just stopped fighting each other and were getting close to talking about who was the real enemy. Admiral Dryker was in-charge of the human and Primo forces, which were greatly reduced after the last fighting. Mighty Fizgig, the Tigris, was commanding her Pride which included most, but not all of the remaining Tigris. They had agreed to stop fighting each other and start talking about the Void Wrath and how to defeat them, if possible. Just getting these three factions to talk to each other was a miracle in itself.

At the same time, Commander Nolan, was sent on a mission to find the Forge, a massively powerful ship that was believed capable of destroying the Void Wrath with each and even had a chance to destroy the Void Wrath’s master, the evil and unimaginably ugly Eye! Yeah, our arch villain is a giant eyeball with tentacles hanging out it’s back side to make it even more vile and repulsive. And, no only that, but it has infected numerous high ranking military and political leaders of all three races. Those infected by a larva, were used as host while the larva grew to a new young eye! So far, Admiral Dryker, Commander Nolan, and Fizgig have not been infected, but they all expect it will be only a matter of time before someone tries. So, while they go about their individual missions, they also have to worry about someone dropping a wriggling, squirmy larva on them! Ugh, is right!

Ok, so once you get past the fact that our enemy is pretty stupid, then you can stay attuned to the rest of the book. Commander Nolan has the most daunting mission of all in that he must find this mysterious alien ship that could be anywhere. Not much is known about it and what is known is ancient history. History books and such are usually kept in libraries so his first idea is to start finding and searching all the ancient Primo libraries. That’s a good idea except the Void Wrath also know this and they are destroying all Primo libraries they can find as fast as possible. Still, Commander Nolan has to come through or he won’t be the book’s hero, so how can he fail?

I liked the story even with the evil Eye. That’s pretty comical. Even turning in humans to a young eye is pretty funny. I don’t know why, but none of the other races seem to get that far. The Tigris are kind of like cats with fur and everything, so if they turned into an eye, I wonder if they’d be fuzzy eyeballs? Also, how can this giant Eye figure out where it’s going if it doesn’t open its eyelid except to feed? Must be kind of tough bumping into planets and stuff! Ok, I know I’m making fun of the story, but good night, the author used his two cats as main characters in the book, Fizgig and Izzy, so I’m allowed to make this review a little humorous, right?

Good reading, but a trilogy is three books and this is the third. I wonder what will come next? Anything?

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