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“The Check”


5 Small Stars
The Check

This was a strange book. At first, I wasn’t even going to read it. Then I went to Amazon and found the book just to see what it would cost. The price was pretty cheap so I though, “Well, let me read a little about it.”. So, I started reading and reading and reading. I could not stop reading this book! After I bought the book, I continue reading all day long. I finally finished the book at about 1:15 am this morning. So what made me read the book so fast?

Well, first, I’ll have to say the book cover is just stupid looking. I think somebody needs to find another cover, badly. Normally, I would have dismissed the book just by it’s cover and I don’t care what that old saying is. I’ve got too many good military science fiction books to read already. And speaking of that category, this book doesn’t fall into it. In fact, I’m thinking this is barely science fiction. Of course it has to be because none of the things in the book have happened or probably every will happen. But, man, if this book ever came true! Wow!

Ok, let’s say you’re trucking along doing you normal day to day stuff, trying to make enough money to pay for your fancy truck and you apartment or house. You’re just like every other normal American who has an average of $2,100 in you bank account. Oh, you don’t have that much? Well, welcome to the club. Anyway, you go on-line to check your bank balance to make sure you can hit the ATM for some cash and you find out your bank balance is now $100,000 or more! This is kind of what happened to Ron Sizemore, a Postman, you know, Mail Carrier. Not only does he find his bank account growing by leaps and bounds, but the banks are streaming out checks in his name to hundreds and then thousands of people giving them money they absolutely need for some pending tragedy. And he doesn’t know any of these people. At first, this gets Mr. Sizemore in trouble because the very first check for $11 when to a kid on his mail route so the kid could buy a hamster! The way this turns out due to Mr. Sizemore’s stupidity, he’s almost arrested for being a pedophile, which he’s definitely not. And that’s just the very beginning of the story.

For some unknown reason, a huge number of bank accounts start opening in Mr. Ron Sizemore’s name and huge amounts of money are transferred into them and then checks are sent out from these accounts for amounts ranging from $11 to $300,000 for a Mrs. Halley’s cancer surgery. And Ron has no control over any of it. He doesn’t know where the money is coming from and he’s absolutely not directing where the checks should go. Eventually, the money starts amounting to millions of dollars with an average available balance of $10,000,000. Because of his near arrest, Ron does the first smart thing and hires an attorney. This is a good attorney and he starts recognizing where this money might lead his client. First he needs to make sure the Feds are aware of what’s happening and then he needs to get Mr. Sizemore some protection. Not all the checks are making everyone happy. Some guys wife just got a check that will allow her to hire a very good divorce lawyer! And then, some of the crime syndicates notice their “secret” accounts are being drained. How is Ron Sizemore, the Mailman doing all of this? When will it stop?

The book reads very fast. It stays interesting because something is always happening either to Ron or his associates. Everyone is getting involved in this all the way up to the President of the United States. If someone says his bank account was suddenly drained for no reason, wouldn’t you begin to wonder about the safety of your bank account? It’s good reading and I certainly wouldn’t mind something like this happening, but in the end, this is a fairy tale where everybody lives happily ever after. Only, you’re a billionaire now! Just read the book!

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