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“The Apex Predator”


5 Small Stars
Apex Preditor
[Ed:  I may have gotten this book and the next one reviewed together because I read them one after the other and it’s hard to remember where one stops and the other starts!]

I have not done these books justice in the reviews department.  I think I reviewed book 4 but didn’t review any of the previous books for some strange reason.  Then, again, I skipped a review of book 5.  But, now that I’ve read book 6, I need to do a review because these books are good and others need to read them, all of them!

Adam Cain has got to be the luckiest guy in the universe.  He gets into more trouble than anyone around but he’s always able to stay alive one way or another, so far.  It is really great to be reading a series of sci-fi books where Humans are the toughest dudes around and other aliens know that tangling with us is going to ruin their day.

Up to now, we’ve pretty much ruined everyone’s day in the galaxy.  The Jurieans are cowering in a tiny part of the galaxy, the Kracori are hiding some where and the Klin certainly don’t want to be found.  But you know that none of these races are going to just stay put.  They all have visions of grandure and think they are the greatest there every was or will be.  The Kracori have even tried to attack Earth which Adam Cain managed to stop but Earth and Humanity have about had it with being attacked.

Riyad Tarazi has been sent on a mission to find or confirm the location of the Kracori’s home planet.  He has a set of coordinates but they came from a suspicious source and have to be confirmed.  He is a very resourceful guy and will certainly get the job done but he could be putting himself at risk because if this location is really where the Kracori live, he might not make it back to confirm anything!

In the meantime, while Adam and Sherri are cruising back to Earth, they run across some unmistakable engine signatures of the Kracori.  They follow this trail and find that a huge armada of Kracori are on their way to Earth to eliminate once and for all the dreaded Humans.

Of course Adam can’t let this happen but it also happens that the Earth has sent all it’s forces out to pound on another alien race that is causing a lot of trouble on purpose as a distraction for the Kracori.  So, Adam finds he doesn’t have much to defend Earth with but he’s got a few tricks left that just might get the job done.  If he can defend Earth once more, he’ll probably have to go rescue his friend Riyad and he might, just might run into his mortal enemy, Nigel McCarthy!

This was a really good book.  Hard to put down.  Everything fits together very well.  You follow several different story lines but they all seems very logical and make consistent parts of the book.  Adam Cain is a big part of almost everything but he can’t do it all and that’ shown in this book.

One thing I did notice is that the editing for this book wasn’t up to part as for the past books.  There were a lot of small two- and three-letter words missing.  It’s hard to read something when it doesn’t make sense.  I think the writer was thinking faster than he was writing and some of these little words get missed.  Need better editing.

Still, this is one of the best sci-fi series I’ve read and I look forward to reading the next book.


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