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“The Tactics of Revenge”


5 Small Stars
Tactics of Revenge

I like these books. They are real easy to read and the story is pretty good.

We’ve been abducted by some aliens who don’t really realize who or what they have messed with and soon find out they should have left us alone.

Humans tend to be much stronger, faster and smarter than any other aliens in the known universe. While there has existed a huge galactic empire not too far from Earth, they have pretty much left us alone until lately. We encounter a group of very smart aliens who want to help us get ready for the coming indoctrination into this ancient galactic empire warning us that we won’t probably like our new found friends.

That turns out to be very true since the rulers of this galactic empire rule by force. They visit Earth and begin to completely destroy the planet. If not for our “friendly” aliens, we would have ceased to exist, but we barely manage to defeat this first attempt at our destruction. Now, we’re mad. And we also know that our “friends” were only playing us to get back at the bad guys because they couldn’t do it themselves.

So Earth begins to build it’s first galactic armada intending to face the empire rulers on their own terms in space. Our “friends” think we don’t know what’s going on but we do and we manage to get a great deal of their technology figured out which doesn’t make them as necessary as they think.

Our hero was one of the original abductees. He’s now leading a guerrilla war behind enemy lines letting the bad guys know that the humans are coming. Problem is, he seems to be getting captured a little too often. Of course they can’t hold him and his female friend very well so he escapes only to get caught later on.

You need to read about the battle between the Human Armada and the Alien Empire. It’s quite good and exciting. Read the book to find out who wins.

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